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In Khabarovsk territory during fires the child was lost, three more - have suffered

in the Evening on December, 8th as a result of a fire in 2 - h a floor apartment house along the street Radishcheva in Khabarovsk has suffered a family. Mother of 38 years, with the diagnosis a poisoning with burning products it is hospitalised in toxicological branch 10 city hospitals, its two 3 - summer daughters with the same diagnosis are hospitalised in children`s regional clinical hospital 4.

in the Same evening on the panel of communication of a fire brigade of settlement Snow Komsomol area have informed on a fire in a two-room one-storeyed apartment house. Up the time of arrival of firemen the verandah burnt, fire extended on kitchen. On a fire place in a room where fire has not reached, without life signs the boy of 10 years has been found out. In settlement hospital Snow from a fire place the sister with the diagnosis " is delivered it polutorogodovalaja; a poisoning with burning products . At the girl - superficial burns of a body from contact of hot air of 2 degrees to 30 %.

And this night in an accident ward of hospital of 2 Komsomolska - on - the Cupid parents of children with the diagnosis have arrived: a thermal burn a flame 2 - 3 degrees persons, backs, the top extremities. They have been examined by the doctor of hospital, hospitalisation have refused.

the Reasons of fires and a damage are established. Informs the EAST - MEDIA