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On the Far East railway of 140 thrown trains wait for the unloading

On the Far East railway a situation with the thrown trains remains on - former sharp - 140 trains wait for the unloading, the chief of department on work from mass-media of the Far East railway - Open Society branch " informs; the Russian railways Inna Pepeljaeva.

the road Management undertakes all measures to reduce number of standing idle cargo structures. Commissioning of the second locomotive   has allowed to increase volumes plum of oil products by stations Crab on which as of December, 8th, 2008 does not remain standing idle structures.

Less successfully there is a situation in port Poset. For today more than 190 thousand tons of coal already is on moorings of port in expectation of courts for the further sending. Presence of such quantity of coal in port does not allow to carry out the co-ordinated unloading (145 cars a day). The daily average unloading from the beginning of December has made 90 cars. Such organisation of work of port has led to that 1187 cars are thrown.

the Most difficult still has a situation at station the Find - East. In connection with adverse weather conditions process of an unloading of coal has become complicated. On December, 4th in the Find have passed rains, and the subsequent frosts have held down coal in cars, having transformed it into a monolith. A consequence of it is the increase in time for its unloading - cars longer time stand in tepljakah (premises for heating). The situation remains sharp of - for absence of cargo fleet for coal sending.

In port Vanino of the unloading expect 7 structures of export coal. 14 structures with oil stand purpose for station Dzemgi for Komsomol oil refining factory.

Purpose for station Khabarovsk - 1 12 structures with the oil intended for the Khabarovsk oil refining factory stand idle. The administration prefers to pay penalties for using an infrastructure, than to be engaged slivom oil and its further processing. Informs PrimaMedia