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John Grem has left Omsk « Avant-guard »

Yesterday Omsk Avant-guard   has beaten the leader of a battalion - Yaroslavl the Locomotive with the bill 3:1.

On poslematchevoj a press - conferences the head coach hawks Wayne Fleming has told the following:

- We knew, for what prepared. Both commands have shown the present fight. We have accepted a call of the rival and have managed to respond to it. Fomitchyov has played fine. It is good that have returned to a system skilled Rjabykin and Wolves, which know how to operate in heavy matches. It shows, how experience is important and necessary. During too time the big progress at young players is swept up. Every day adds 18 - summer Timkin. They well carry out the game task. It is not necessary for us 12 attacking which will hammer on 25 washers. To us it is necessary commands in which all will supplement, and to battle each other. On the future Avant-guard at me now a positive spirit.

- Comment on a situation with John Gremom...

- John Grem has left an arrangement Avant-guard .

Under the available information, the American goalkeeper have deducted from the command for regular infringement of a sports mode.