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Zhirinovsky: the USA can begin new war in the Near East

the USA can launch new war in the Near East, pursuing the economic interests. Such opinion has voiced vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky on a press - conferences in " News ".

" Military - the industrial complex of the USA in this case will RCV huge financial injections. New war is necessary to Washington to spend these means. The next four years it is favourable to Bush to finish defeat of Near-Eastern region, to smooth out Damascus and Teheran " - so the leader of LDPR has commented on the statement of the US president in which he named Syria and Iran the states supporting the international terrorism.

SPK about a situation in Iraq, vitse - the speaker of the lower chamber of parliament has noticed that the order will not be possible to impose the USA there.

" Saddam Hussein has arrived how Kutuzov in due time has arrived. It has handed over Moscow, but has rescued army. Hussein, having dismissed armed forces, has rescued both the country, and army. And now Americans will not manage to impose the order, with them confront 120 thousand fighters of special troops and 400 thousand civil guardsmen " - it has explained.