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Frattini the Eurocommissioner on justice, freedom urges to distinguish nazism and communism symbols

and to security Ex Frattini urges to do distinction between nazism and communism symbols in spite of the fact that the last, as he said, can call negative feelings from inhabitants of some European Union member countries.

In a context of struggle against racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism the question on an interdiction of communistic symbols is not subject to discussion, has declared Frattini which words were resulted on Thursday at a briefing in Eurocommission by a press - the secretary of eurocommissioner Frederik Vensan.

He has informed 2 that on February, 24th prohibition possibility in territory of the EU countries of symbolics of fascism will discuss Ministerial council of this regional organisation on justice and internal affairs.

For an interdiction for use in EU of symbols of nazism and communism the deputy of EuroParliament from Lithuania Vitautas Landsbergis earlier was voiced.