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Football of Russia will adopt experience of the European managers

the Russian football will adopt experience of the best European managers.

As has declared on Thursday on a press - conferences the rector of the International academy of the football and sports industry (MAFSI) Michael Ioffe, top managers of clubs will take part in the first International Moscow futbolno - financial conference English the prime minister - leagues.

According to Ioffe, the system of preparation of domestic experts in the field of management of football clubs has conservative character. And though in Russia there is a number of the outstanding managers, all system leaves much to be desired, and absence of the qualified managers represents the big problem, rector MAFSI considers.

" very interesting people are invited To conference, and it is necessary to adopt safely their experience, - Ioffe, - CUZ acquaintance with this experience - invaluable possibility " has told;.

" The western football clubs have passed the big way, they know the strategy for many years FWD, - rector MAFSI has added. - As a matter of fact, it is economic subjects ".

Ioffe has cited as an example English " Norvich " which, as he said, some years ago did not have anything, except fans. The club management has competently adjusted WRK W them, and now the command plays the prime minister - league.

the President Russian football the prime minister - leagues (RFPL) and the general director Moscow " the Dynamo " Yury Zavarzin has noticed that the western experts have come to a conclusion that the Russian football moves in the necessary direction.

" Clubs of ours of premieres - leagues have already understood that has passed time to spend money, it is time to earn them " - Zavarzin has declared.

As he said, heads of all of 16 ΠΤΟΛ commands are invited to forthcoming conference, and many of them have shown interest to this action.

Ioffe 2 has added that the invitation to Russia the European managers as in domestic football already there are foreign football players and trainers is quite possible.

International Moscow futbolno - financial conference will take place on February, 22nd. Organizers are RFPL, MAFSI and Association of the enterprises of the sports industry (APSI).