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session VS of Ukraine under Yanukovych`s complaint

Session of the Sovereign court of Ukraine under the complaint of the candidate to fast of the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych on Tuesday Has begun has begun with skirmish of judges and representatives of the candidate.

In the beginning of session of the party considerations of petitions, zaslushivanija witnesses and research of proofs have started definition of wishes concerning time which is taken away 4 statements.

However Yanukovych`s representative, People`s Deputy Nestor Shufrich has told that wants to make the statement in reply to the yesterday`s statement of representatives of other candidate on a post of the head of the state of Victor Yushchenko. Judge Anatoly Jarema has explained that consideration of statements during judicial session will be spent L8R. However Shufrich insisted on the and argued with the judge.

" I to you am urged to rebuke for insubordination to court " - Jarema has told, being converted 2 Shufrichu. The judge, having responded to a remark of the deputy, has told that " anybody ignores nobody, anybody in what restrains nobody ".