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Boris Gryzlov does not C an occasion to government resignation

the Speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov considers that the occasion to resignation of the operating cabinet is not present. He has declared it on Tuesday, making comments on intention of oppositional fractions to begin petition 4 removal of a vote of no confidence to the government.

Gryzlov has noticed that 2DAY at session of Duma council the question on resignation of the government rose nobody.

" If there are such initiatives, there are regulations which provides that 90 signatures and then their initiative is considered on chamber Advice should be collected, and then join in the agenda of plenary session of the State Duma " - the speaker has told.

Gryzlov 2 has noticed that in case of discussion in chamber of a question on mistrust to the government, in fraction " an United Russia " there will be a free voting, ANY1 can make the decision.

At the same time he has informed that the presidium of fraction will pass the decision on this point in question.