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Crew MKS prepares for the exit first in new year in space

Crew MKS of the beginnings prepares for the extravehicular activity first in 2005 planned for January, 27th.

" This time Salizhana Sharipov`s primary goal and Leroja Chiao - " to deduce " in space and to establish on an external surface of station of German robot RoskViSs " - has informed on Tuesday " News " the representative of the Russian Command control centre flights (TSUP).

the smart design in height in half-metre with difficult name ROKVISS (Robotiņ ņomponents Verifiņation on ISS) is equipped by two hinges, a metal finger and two integrated videocameras. The robot W remote control has been designed by German experts specially 4 simplification of work of crew MKS. The manipulator will be mounted on external surface MKS where it should prove at first the suitability 2 WRK in the conditions of a free space.

" We should show that our robot - the manipulator can be operated from the Earth in a real time mode almost W/ O delay, and that it equally possesses a high autonomy " - professor Gerd Hirtsinger from Institute of robotic technology and mehanotroniki the German CTR of aircraft and astronautics has noted one it from developers.

" If it will be possible to us, in the future we can spend from the Earth dangerous and laborious works in space, and thus we will release from this WRK of astronauts " - he has added.

the Equipment and the software is developed for the robot by Institute of robotic technology and mehanotroniki in Oberpffafenhofene.

Mission is spent under the arrangement W Russian Space Department and RKK " Energy ".