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Russian Space Department and EKA the Head of Russian Space Department Anatoly Perminov and the head of the European space agency (EKA) Jean will sign the agreement on joint workings out

- Jacque Dorden will sign on January, 19th in Moscow the joint agreement on long-term cooperation in the field of working out, creations and uses of carrier rockets. ABT it " News " on Tuesday have informed in Russian Space Department.

One of the major aspects of cooperation of Russian Space Department and EKA is the project of starts of the Russian carriers " the Union - ST " from the cosmodrome the Hen in the French Guiana.

the Beginning of working out of this project was necessary in 1998 state scientifically - industrial is rocket - the space CTR " TSSKB - Progress " together with Russian - the French joint-stock company " Starsem " which founders are Russian Space Department, " TSSKB - Progress " Firms EADS (European Aeronautiñ Defenñe and Spañe ñompany) and ARIANESPAñE (France).

" Starsem " actively participated in financing of working out of the outline sketch of the cosmodrome and adaptation of the Russian carrier rocket, and also contributed in project advancement at the state level in France and Europe.

Realization of the given project will give the chance to Russia to expand essentially area of use of family of carrier rockets " the Union " in the world market of services in start, thanks to a cosmodrome arrangement in ekvatolnoj areas, have specified in Russian Space Department.

Other important component of cooperation between Russia and Europe is realisation of joint workings out on perspective carrier rockets.

In particular, it is a question of projects of the reusable liquid rocket engines working on liquid oxygen and hydrocarbon, and also liquid steps of reusable use and test apparatuses 4 reusable space transport systems.