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the personal archive of international terrorist Abu Kutejby

In the Chechen Republic Is found out the personal archive of the international terrorist of the Arabian origin of Abu Kutejby is found out.

" FSB was possible to take archive Kutejby which was engaged in financing of terrorist activity in territory of Russia from - for a boundary " - chief TSOS FSB of Russia colonel Sergey Ignatchenko has told.

As he said, in archive is otchetno - the financial documentation in which ways of a direction of money resources on carrying out of actions of terror are traced. " including on purchase of the weapon, payment to insurgents for carrying out of acts of terrorism, on purchase of motor vehicles, - Ignatchenko has told. - In archive the reporting from the couriers delivering financial assets 4 insurgents " 2 is found out;.

Ignatchenko has noticed that according to FSB, executors of acts of terrorism RCV small money that is CFMed also by testimony of arrested persons.

" For carrying out of acts of terrorism to executors pay a maximum B4$200. Thus customers and heads of preparation of acts of terrorism RCV the large sums which are translated to bills in foreign banks " - chief TSOS has told.

the Citizen of Kingdom Saudi Arabia Abu Kutejba Dzhammal, 1960 year of birth, the Arab on a nationality, has been destroyed by the Russian special services on July, 1st, 2004 in the Republic Ingushetia city of Magolbek.

According to FSB of Russia, Abu Kutejba was the organizer and the head of the illegal armed formations operating in territory of the Chechen Republic, Ingushetia, Dagestan and Kabardino - Balkarii.

It is known that Kutejba was the direct organizer of an attack of insurgents on a number of objects in Ingushetia on the night of June, 22nd.

During events in Yugoslavia, he wared on the party of Islamites where has lost a foot.

the Destroyed gangster 2 is known on names of Dzhammal Mazar, Junis, Abu Muhammad, Abu Humid, Abdul Fafti. It was close criminal communication before destroyed international terrorist Hattaba, and also the emissary of the foreign Islamic CTRs.

Kutejba financed international terorista Abu Al - Valida and the gangs subordinated to it. Has arrived on territory of the Chechen Republic in 1995 together with Hattabom.

Abu - Kutejba personally headed the diversionary groups operating in Vedensky and Nozhaj - Jurtovsky areas of the Chechen Republic. Was a member of the Higher Military man Madzhalis - Shura and responsible for propaganda maintenance of activity of bands, and also the Internet of the information passed by groups of the Arabian mercenaries from the Chechen Republic has been vested by an exclusive right on placing in a network.