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Indonesia promises to create the best conditions 4 investors

On come to the end on Tuesday in the Indonesian capital an economic forum concerning an infrastructure the government " the countries of three thousand islands " promised to create the best conditions 4 foreign investors.

" Considering enormous resources of Indonesia, resolute support of my government, available at you the capital, technologies and experience, talents of the Indonesian people, presence here huge market potential and prospect of our long-term partnership, I believe in success " - has declared, being converted 2 investors, the president of Indonesia by Susilo Bambang Judhojono Judhojono.

Thus he has underlined that the caused Indonesia recent natural cataclysm enormous destructions has not shaken determination of Djakarta to reach objects in view.

Concretizing positions of speech of the president, the Minister of Finance of Indonesia Jusuf Anvar has declared that throughout the next decade it is required to Indonesia about $83 billion investments into power, transport, telecommunications and water-purifying constructions. Meanwhile, from the budget the fifth on population the world country can finance only about 22 % of all expenses on an infrastructure. Therefore it is necessary, that throughout the next five years to Indonesia has arrived about $55 billion foreign capital investments in this sphere, he has added.

" We greet all forms of technical and financial cooperation with a private sector " - the minister has underlined, having added that the government is ready to prolong existing and to discuss new guarantees of capital investments.

540 delegates have taken part In a two-day MTG from 19 countries, including Australia, Canada, the USA, South Korea and Japan. Representatives of high rank of the state companies and private business discussed investment prospects in power, transport, telecommunications and systems of water supply stretched on five thousand kilometres from the West on the east of the largest archipelago of a planet.

Russia was present at a forum as the observer and has been presented by the trade mission of the Russian Federation.