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Indonesians are grateful to Russia for the help

From a board of transport plane D - 130 Air Forces of Indonesia, just landed on the Indonesian island Sumatra, it was visible, as the relief of its northern extremity after a tsunami in Indian ocean has changed.

the whole sites of a coastal strip Have disappeared, and there where recently were protjanuvshiajasja along coast a chain of islets, waves now walk. Lowlands near to the sea 2 have appeared are deluged.

the Event at coast of the Indonesian province of Acheh the strongest for last 40 years earthquake has destroyed hundreds houses and has deprived of life of ten persons. However many times more terribly there was a tsunami called by it: extending with a speed of the jet liner of a wave at approach 2 coast rose shaft in height B4 20 metres.

In some places they have got deep into a land on some kilometres, having carried away lives more than hundred thousand Indonesians.

the Way to the suffered province of Acheh is long. Taken off from Djakarta under a torrential rain the plane through three and a half an hour of villages at the airport of capital of a province Northern Sumatra the cities of Medans. There there is a staff on conducting saving - a recovery work.

Having refuelled, the plane has flown by then near capital of a province of a city the Gang - Acheh and villages on located 2 the north from a city island Sabang. Here wait the Q flying in the Gang - Acheh from every corner of the globe planes.

" Stoppers now not only in Djakarta, but also in air " - jokes left to smoke in filled up with bales W the humanitarian help salon our pilot the captain of the Air Forces of Indonesia by name of Uchok.

" the capital Acheh Airport has only one take-off - a landing strip, but, despite it, accepts now over 200 flights in day, - the pilot tells.

Only now it becomes clear, what works it was necessary to throw in Acheh from Russia already started to accept patients a medical special group - high-grade military - field hospital. For this purpose 12 flights of powerful planes SILT - 76 were required.

" We are very grateful to Russia for such help " - our fellow traveller - the main surgeon of armed forces of Indonesia SPK Hidajat.

that elements blow has appeared so shattering, to no small degree was contributed by a lay of land typical for Indonesia. Consisting of more than 18 thousand islands the largest archipelago of a planet is some kind of " the bridge " between Asia and Australia.

If to dart a glance at its map sites stretched from one continent 2 another of the mountain ridges at once become appreciable, settling down in the middle of almost all Indonesian islands occupy mounts. Naturally, overwhelming majority of inhabitants a heel on population of the country of the world lives on slopes of mounts and in lowlands, that is in those coastal areas which have most suffered from act of nature.

From height it was visible that in many places over the ruined elements rains go a province. Here the heat of a rainy season that complicates salvage operations. However the same downpours wash away the salty sea water brought by a tsunami from jellied rice fields.

" If to allow salt to dry up, chemical reactions which will be very difficult for turning back " will begin; - has explained the day before " News " the head of the food and agricultural organisation of the United Nations (Fao) Jacque Diuf.

" So rains it is absolutely quite good: it will be more EZ to peasants to return 2 normal life " - he has noticed.

At a rough guess Fao, act of nature has amazed areas where about 10 % of Indonesian fig.

Nevertheless were grown up, hunger of Acheh and Northern Sumatra does not threaten. As has informed " News " the regional director of the World food programme of the United Nations Anthony Benberi, this directly engaged in rendering of food aid by the victim the division of Community of the nations already has saved up enough of foodstuff on Sumatra. 440 tons are already distributed among victims and refugees.

" the Main thing now - coordination and distribution " - underlines Benberi.

W it doctor Hidajat flying to a zone of affliction W such purpose agrees also. He will be engaged in coordination of actions of the military physicians who have arrived in Acheh from many countries of the world.

However, about the same SPK one of these days " News " and the Minister of Health of Indonesia Siti Fadila Supari.

Having expressed Russia sincere gratitude for the rendered generous help, she has specially noticed that similar predostavlennenomu the Russian Federation military - field hospitals will be necessary in an affliction zone still a minimum throughout a year.

According to the minister, now the situation in Acheh is normalised. " a restored network of establishments of public health services, including time, it is captured already B4 80 % of territory of a province " - she has told.

At the same time, abreast the areas which have appeared in full isolation after elements has brought down bridges and has destroyed the whole sites of roads, the Indonesian physicians cannot get till now. The help there appears country armed forces though their activity is co-ordinated by Ministry of Health, has noted the minister.