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the Forecast of ecological conditions in Moscow

in capital region defines Now weather severo - the western periphery of the anticyclone which CTR is over the Volga region. During the day deposits it is not expected, moderate southern horizontal carrying over and vertical air exchange will provide sufficient dispersion of polluting substances.

According to Moscow Gidrometeobjuro, within the next night the anticyclone will gradually depart on the east, already in second half of Thursday Moscow will appear under the influence of a forward part of the next Scandinavian cyclone. Strengthening of a wind B4 5 is expected - 10 m/ W, in places there will pass a light snow. Vertical air exchange in atmosphere low layers will amplify. Such meteoconditions will provide the maximum clarification of atmosphere of a city from harmful emissions of motor transport and other anthropogenous sources of pollution.

According to GPU " mosekomonitoring " In first half of day in inhabited quarters and city centre the moderate level of air pollution which are not exceeding admissible sanitary specifications is noted.

Conditions of dispersion of polluting substances during the day will gradually improve. Therefore in the inhabited quarters of Moscow removed from large anthropogenous sources, some decrease in level of air pollution is possible EVN. However the such will not occur near to highways. Weather conditions cannot compensate negative influence of motor transport completely. In this connection are expected excess of allowed level of air pollution on oksidu carbon and dioksidu nitrogen on 10 - 20 %.

the Forecast of ecological conditions for Thursday favorable. Amplifying influence of a cyclone will affect. In residential areas of Moscow the lowered level of air pollution, and close most brisk highways and other anthropogenous sources of pollution - moderated is expected.