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In the Russian remote places there was Verka Serdjuchka

In settlement Sosensky the Kaluga region in creative club " Inspiration " there was Verka Serdjuchka.

" We have considered that in the left year this image was the brightest. Serdjuchka on screens flashed more often than many politicians, and we once, laughing, have decided to make a doll of the popular character " - has told " to Society column " " News " the head of club Ljubov Filinova.

the Doll in height of 180 sm, filled by cotton wool, W the person from the salty test has appeared surprisingly similar to a prototype, therefore from interested persons to be photographed W it there is no release. The bright clothes, growth and dimensions of Kaluga Verki Serdjuchki draw at once ATTN and do an exhibit by place of interest of an exhibition of WRK of the creative club to which participants from 20 till 65 years, has added LUV of Filinova.

the Exhibition passes in museum of local lore of the regional CTR, the city of Kozelsk, and will work till the end of January, have informed " to Society column " employees of a museum.