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United Russia party members demand resignation of Zurabova

fractions Being members " uniform Russia " 24 deputies (all of them deputies - odnomandatniki) intend to be converted 2 the president of the Russian Federation W the statement for necessity of resignation of the Minister of health and social development of the Russian Federation of Michael Zurabova.

In the letter addressed to the head of the state, in particular, it is noticed that the situation which has developed in regions in connection with realisation of the law on preferential payments " calls serious trouble ".

In an operating time in election districts during the period from January, 24 till January, 30th members of parliament have RCVed considerable information volume " ABT neoreadiness 2 realisation 122 - go the law from party Minzdravsotsrazvitija of the Russian Federation ".

In subjects of the Russian Federation catastrophically there are no the free medical products delivered by the pharmaceutical companies 4 preferential categories of the population at the expense of the federal budget. In a number of regions the quantity of medical products makes 30 - 50 % from requirements. A number of medical products has no certification. " all it calls growth of social intensity in a society and gives an occasion to separate political forces 4 its forcing " - it is marked in the document.

Concern of members of parliament is called 2 by principles of WRK of Minzdravsotsrazvitija of the Russian Federation, which " W/ O carrying out of any tenders has given an exclusive right of six farmkompanijam on delivery of medicines to preferential categories of citizens at the expense of means of the federal budget ".

" we Believe that the mentioned facts bear to inability of the minister correctly and in due time to organise WRK on realisation of the law on preferential payments, and also " gives an occasion to assumptions of presence in actions of the minister of a corruption component ".

According to one of the deputies who have signed the document, in the near future the letter will be directed addressed to the head of the state.