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NHL Star: players should define that the Star of club of National hockey league (NHL) " is better 4 them

; Philadelphia Flajerz " Jeremiah Renik believes that hockey players can reconcile W " a ceiling of salaries ". Besides, tsentrforvard has declared in interview ESPN that the Association of players (NHLPA) should learn opinion of ANY1 member on the offers arriving from representatives of league.

" I Consider that players should define independently that it is better 4 them. I do not want, that someone made decisions for me. When I C, what loss puts to hockey lock-out, I have a desire to inform the opinion B4 all interested persons " - has informed Renik having in NHL reputation " the talker ".

" If to be voiced ANY1 of us had the right, I think, we now would not talk ABT lock-out, and would play in hockey " - the American forward has added.

Renik, which under the operating contract W " Philadelphia " for this season should earn about 8 million dollars, 2 has informed that introduction " a ceiling of salaries " on what owners of clubs insist, is not an absolute obstacle in business of signing of the new collective agreement between NHL and NHLPA.

" I really feel that we, players, can exist under " a ceiling of salaries ". It is necessary to agree only about figures more comprehensible to trade union " - fairly believes Renik.

we Will remind that on Thursday of the party led by the BOS - the commission agent of NHL of Gary Bettmenom and chief executive NHLPA Bobom Gudenau - during nine W superfluous hours discussed a way out of our difficulty. The promise to continue dialogue on Friday became the unique comment.

" I am adjusted not too - that optimistically, - Renik admitted. - Finding-out of relations was excessively tightened, and positions of the parties are far from the compromise ".