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" Children of reforms ". A phenomenon of Russian skinheads

the Strong guy W smoothfaced bare a head, all in black, put in heavy boots a la « Doctor Martins » perepojasannyj an iron chain and showing on a sleeve of a short jacket - « bombera » a stripe in the form of figure « 88 ». The two eighth letters of the German alphabet « NN » designate in this case « Hajl Hitler ».   One want to imitate it, others – H8.  

Skinheads – a part of youth subculture in Russia. As sociologists have counted up, on open spaces of Russia has bred 2DAY approximately 55 thousand britogolovyh the youths considering with members of this version of neo-Nazi movement.

It is too much if to consider that all over the world skinheads will be typed, perhaps, thousand 70 - 80. And it is too dangerous to the country, whose young democracy has not got stronger yet and only learns to protect itself.

Diligence of skinheads criminal reports of the Russian cities began to get, so to say, the international character. In Moscow, in the central walking area Arbat, britogolovymi the pregnant citizen of India &ndash is cruelly beaten; it had an abortion. In Moscow Filjah a gang « Russian purpose » has attacked William Jefferson, the black security guard of embassy of the USA. The marine had to come to the senses in hospital. The same fate has comprehended larger figure – the secretary general of Socialist party of Great Britain Peter Taffa.

that is fascism, instead of the banal teenage criminality, at domestic sociologists is not enough doubts.

in Ideological washing of youth brains in Russia tries to be engaged specialised skin - the press: magazines like « Under a zero » « White resistance » « I – white » « Stop » And « Streetfighter » the known international racist leaf accurately translated into Russian. Xenophobia propagation is conducted there W elegant flexibility, in a patriotism mask not to allow to occasion law enforcement bodies to close the edition.
on neo-Nazi youth elements parasitizes much pravoradikalnyh political parties of Russia.

« Russian national union » « National - majestic party » « freedom Party » and the other nationalist organisations consider army of skinheads as the reserve. In turn britogolovye defend own independence, uniting in jumbo cells like Petersburg « Russian fist » (about 400 insurgents) or Nizhniy Novgorod « the North » (from above 300).

the Russian BRO on belief are not tired to sponsor and catechize veterans of foreign neo-fascist groupings. So, from the USA to Russia instructors of Ku - kluks - a clan, from Germany &ndash regularly run; theorists from forbidden there « Youth of Vikings » and « the Steel helmet ». According to the Moscow bureau under human rights, the western mentors managed to adjust the channel zabroski to Russia the neo-Nazi literature, audiocassettes and regimentals through the far right organisations of Latvia and Estonia.

the gloomy paradox became Result of this powerful eruption of activity of Russian skinheads. On the eve of commemorating 60 - letija victories in the Second World War Russia which has played in achievement of this victory a paramount role, has AOTS realised that too is infected by fascism disputes. Near to the veteran of war, whose chest is decorated by fighting orders, there was britogolovyj a youth W a stripe on a jacket « WP » - « the Power white ».
Contrast of these realities has so amazed Vladimir Putin that in the recent speech on mourning anniversary of a concentration camp of Osventsim the president has confessed: he feels shame for such zigzag of the newest Russian history.
meanwhile in 1992 of so bitter feelings nobody tested. Skinheads were conceived whereas rare, exotic individuals: in their Moscow was from tens, in Sankt – Petersburg – at most the person five. What has occurred in Russia for last 13 years when skinheads have bred with speed of a locust?

Much. That it is accepted to call 2DAY the general concept market revolution. Instant change of the centralised economy on originally wild, but all - taki the market has called the serious economic recession which has transformed millions of people in the unemployed. The parents anxious by a unique problem – how to survive, were discharged of education of children. House disorder has thrown out on streets of 4 million children and teenagers - homeless children, on third it is less than all, than them was in the Russian empire after civil war 1918 - 21 years.

Streets of Russia have appeared are filled « children of reforms » - distraught, psychologically BAFLD, uneducated generation of the youths opened 4 NE primitive call 2 violence. Everywhere there were youth gangs where teenagers were stuck together in a single whole by one plain idea – hostility 2 « to strangers » let from the next entrance. And furthermore 2 strangers W other cut of eyes and skin colour.

attempt of new liberal educators accumulated On these moods as a matter of fact to rehabilitate fascism. From school textbooks vymaryvali a subject of the great victory gained by Red Army as this victory has supposedly led « to enslavement by Advice of the Eastern Europe » and « Has slowed down economic progress of Russia ». If the Red Army has suffered then defeat, Russians would began to drink wonderful Bavarian beer for some decades earlier, lawyers of such theory taught schoolboys. On street book bazaars cheap editions « flaunted; Main kampf » Hitler and « fascism Doctrines » Mussolini whereas the antifascist literature was not to find in the afternoon W fire: it seemed too " left ".

As the known sociologist specialising on youth problems, the researcher of movement of Russian skinheads Alexander Tarasov, « marks; as textbooks are one of the basic sources of the information at schoolboys., the part of teenagers has come to a conclusion that « Hitler is better than Stalin » and   that « Hitler was right ».

So has arisen, nasosalsja energy and has accepted the extremely disturbing scales a phenomenon of Russian skinheads. In much the Anticaucasian moods generated on decade of revelry of the Chechen criminality in the Russian cities and war in the Chechen Republic became its nutrient medium.

At the same time comprehension by the authorities of inconceivable threat new, apparently, 4 Russia accrued also. Above it became clear: international hatred and ideology « the white superiority » as which carriers skinheads act, in particular, can sharply complicate creation in Russia the civil society protecting human rights. The power has declared to skinheads war.

in the Summer of 2002 the State Duma has passed the Law on counteraction of extremist activity. The Office of Public Prosecutor and militia have RCVed the tool 4 prosecution britogolovyh if they undertake knifes and iron rods. In 2004 against xenophobes of a different grade, including skinheads, in Russia 60 criminal cases have been got, more than ten insurgents have got for a lattice. In the national militian computer are brought 457 leaders and active workers of youth groupings of skinheads behind whom supervision is established. The Ministry of Press has closed 12 racist newspapers, the majority   which, truth, there and then have AGN come up on a surface under other names.

In the meantime guys in black W stripes « 88 » appear not only in big cities, as earlier, but also in the Russian remote places. Sociologists prophesy « the second wave » britogolovoj threats. To put it a barrier the Russian legal experts call all branches of the power, finally all society. There is a hope that forthcoming commemoratings 60 - letija victories over Hitler can make to young generation of Russians ESP a useful inoculation against this epidemic.