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Timoshenko has offered Kinaha on fast of the first vitse -

Yulia Timoshenko suggests to appoint the prime minister the first vitse - the prime minister of Ukraine of Anatoly Kinaha - the head of the Union of industrialists and businessmen Ukrain. From May till November, 2001 he headed the Ukrainian government.

To a post of the assistant concerning Timoshenko`s European integration has suggested to appoint People`s Deputy Oleg Rybachuka, before Yushchenko supervising office.

Vitse - the prime minister concerning the humanitarian policy is offered to appoint Nikolay Tomenko heading nowadays parliamentary committee concerning a freedom of speech and the information.

Rybachuk and Tomenko are Yushchenko`s co-workers.

the Minister of agriculture of Timoshenko suggests to appoint People`s Deputy Alexander Baranovsky, Cand.Econ.Sci.