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the Informal summit of EU in Gent has expressed the complete support of the action of the USA against terrorism

. The informal summit of the European Union in Gent has expressed " once again and unambiguously complete support of the action against terrorism in all its aspects in the frameworks certain by the United Nations " also has CFMed " full solidarity " W the United States. As the correspondent " passes; News " about it it is SPK in the declaration on the terrorism, accepted on Friday evening heads of the states and the governments of the European union.

EU advice has at the highest levels underlined that special value which it gives to consultations and coordination from the USA. The summit has CFMed " the firm support " military operation as which he considers legitimate as it corresponds to the Charter of the United Nations and the resolution 1368 UN Security Councils.

the summit has underlined determination to struggle W terrorism " in its forms and everywhere in the world ". According to the declaration of the European leaders, the operation purpose in Afghanistan remains " elimination of terrorist organisation Al - Kaida " which consider as the originator of acts of terrorism on September, 11th in the United States. Heads of the states and EU governments consider that now it is necessary lpod to work United Nations aegis for the blessing of formation of the stable, legitimate and representative government of all Afghani people respecting human rights and developing good-neighbourhood with all neighbouring countries ".

As soon as this purpose will be reached, SPK in the document, the European union together with the international community undertakes realisation of the extensive program of restoration of Afghanistan for the purpose of stability achievement in all region.

EU summit has familiarised with the plan of the European Union offered it on fight against terrorism. He has charged to Ministerial council of justice and internal affairs to countenance on session 6 - on December, 7th the uniform European warrant on arrest, uniform definition of an act of terrorism and freezing avuarov prospective terrorists.

the summit has urged to strengthen cooperation between the European services responsible for fight against terrorism. Till the end of current year it is entrusted to make the complete list of the terrorist organisations.

heads of the states and EU governments at a MTG in Gent have exchanged sights at threat of application of biological and chemical means in acts of terrorism. It is ascertained that in Europe yet there were no such attacks. At the same time EU advice has top-level considered necessary to prepare the cooperation program between members of the Union according to risks, to the prevention of threats, and also in the field of corresponding researches.

purpose " will be a part of this program; the European co-ordinator on civil defence ".