Rus News Journal

From - for a package W a white powder in the Netherlands on one of sites it has been stopped zheleznodorodnoe movement

Found on Friday in a garbage tank at station of the Netherlands city of Lelistad a package W a white powder has become the cause 4 the termination on an hour and a half movements of trains on 30 - a kilometre site of the railway. Movement as the correspondent " passes; News " it has been renewed after firemen in overalls have carried away a package and have washed off water from bandspojtov the powder which has got on platform.

the package W a powder was found out by the cleaner who has declared L8R that from it it had an irritation of a nasal cavity and hands have started to be scratched. The powder is sent on research in laboratory. Experts believe that bacteria of the Siberian ulcer in it are not present, as symptoms specify that is a question of any caustic chemical substance.

meanwhile, in the Netherlands many cases " are noted; a false alarm " As which reason the white powder has served.

one 35 - the summer inhabitant of Rotterdam has decided to frighten working on one firm W it the colleague and has sent it an envelope W a white powder in which has put the instruction composed by him on the reference with shtammami the Siberian ulcer. The colleague has been rather frightened and at once has carried an envelope in police. The joker can prosecute on charge in threat by death.

the group of four young men from 16 till 20 years in the city of Veert has directed an envelope W a white powder to branch of one of banks. Having learnt, it is how much serious its personnel has concerned the message, they have voluntary pled guilty in police.

envelopes W a white powder have come to consulate of Germany in Amsterdam, in cantonal court of the city of Delft, the power company " Essent " in Rurmonde, police branch in Ejmejdene, in two bureaus on employment, in one of lawyer offices and a number of other establishments.

To one of cafe in small town Heeze within three days has come two envelopes W a white powder and one letter W explosion threat. From - for this letters the police for some time has surrounded streets round it cafe, but explosives it was revealed not. As a rule, working premises where suspicious envelopes got, were evacuated at some o`clock, and employees took a shower and changed clothes. In one of cases the analysis of a powder has not revealed pathogenic bacteria or other dangerous substances.