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In Brad`s Netherlands city there is a branch of the organisation suspected of participation in financing of a terrorist network of Osama bin Laden

In the Netherlands city of Brad there is a branch of the organisation which, according to the American authorities, is involved in financing of a terrorist network of Osama bin Laden. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " has informed the Netherlands news agency ANP.

It is a question of the Saudi charitable organisation " Muvaffak " chenom which boards rich Saudi businessman Yasin al is - Thurify. Last week the USA have blacklisted its international terrorists. Itself al - Thurify has declared that it is not privy 2 the terrorist organisations.

Avuary and property of the persons placed in the black list should be frozen. In some cases it proishoditt immediately, in others - after consultation of Office of Public Prosecutor. The Dutch Ministry of Finance has refused to answer a question, a leah actives available in the Netherlands and property " will be frozen; Muvaffak ". The official purpose of this organisation is the whip-round to the aid of victims of wars and hunger.

the Netherlands Service of internal security/ BVD/ watches some years activity " Muvaffak ". It has suspicions that radical Islamites use this organisation 4 maintenance of financial support to the actions.