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Yasser Arafat has met the special representative of the European Union in the Near East

the Head of the Palestinian national autonomy Yasser Arafat has met on Friday in Gaza the special representative of the European union on Near-Eastern settlement of Migelem Moratinosom. According to the Palestinian sources, the correspondent " informs; News " Arafat has informed the representative of the European Union ABT opasnosnom position in which there are now Palestinians because of escalation of military operations of Israel in areas of Palestinian autonomy. According to them, the parties have discussed 2 the efforts undertaken by the international community 4 renewal of Near-Eastern peace process.

on MSG of the Palestinian radio, management PNA has acted on Friday W the statement that escalation of actions of Israel will have " dangerous and destructive consequences 4 all region ". The Palestinian authorities respect the agreement on cease-fire and will consider that ANY1 who breaks it, puts itself(himself) out of the law and contributes in escalation of intensity which on a hand only to enemies of the world, is SPK in the statement of management PNA.

In it 2 it is underlined that unique body which can make decisions on behalf of Palestinians, the Executive committee of the Organization of clearing of Palestin is.