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At a tripartite MTG of France, Germany and Great Britain in Gent especially military questions, concerning these three countries were discussed, Jacque Chirac

At a tripartite MTG of France, Germany and Great Britain in Gent/ Belgium/ has declared strictly military questions concerning only of these three countries were discussed. Such explanation as the correspondent " passes; News " the president of France Jacque Chirac on a press - conferences has given following the results of the informal summit of the European union, answering questions on that, what for leaders of three countries have gathered outside the limits of a MTG at the highest levels EU before its most opening.

the tripartite MTG in Gent has called many gossip. The day before the discontent with its convocation was voiced by the chairman of the European commission Romano Prodi. Critical reaction was expressed by the head of Italian government Silvio Berlusconi.

Chirac has declared that Prodi had a talk and has assured it of incorrect interpretation of value of a MTG. It 2 has informed on it the operating chairman of the council of EU of premieres - the minister of Belgium Gi Verhofstadta. According to Chirac, Berlusconi`s reaction to its MTG in Gent W Gerhard Schroder and Tony Blair is absolutely unjustified.

the president of France W obvious irritation has rejected the assumption that tries to create " a directory in the European Union ". As he said, conversations on this subject he hears thirty years each time as soon as France and Germany begin to discuss something among themselves. " it was a question of military problems which concerned only us " - Chirac has some times underlined. He 2 has added that is wrong to see in it any desire to cause a damage to the general European security policy.

on a question, a leah the direction of military men of three countries to Afghanistan was discussed at this separate MTG, Chirac has sharply enough responded that this problem is not actual 2DAY, therefore it was not discussed. " When such necessity will arise, - he has told, - we will discuss ".