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the European union intends with support of the USA, Russia and the Muslim countries to initiate across the Near East, providing creation of the Palestinian state

the Situation in the Near East demands urgent measures, and the European union intends to initiate " peace process W/ O preliminary conditions ". ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " has declared 2NITE on Friday on final a press - conferences following the results of the informal summit of EU in Gent/ Belgium/ the operating chairman of the council of the European Union, the Belgian prime minister - minister Gi Verhofstadt.

This initiative is based on resolutions 242 and 338 UN Security Councils. It provides creation of the Palestinian state at observance of the right of Israel to live in peace and securities. The initiative is brought by separate point in the summit declaration on fight against terrorism. " Such settlement, - is SPK in the document, - necessarily connected with the termination of violence and a recognition of a principle of two states ".

In the near future the European Union will direct to the corresponding countries of the Sovereign representative on foreign policy and Javier Solana`s security, and also representatives of the country - the chairman of EU of Belgium and the European commission 4 studying of conditions of realisation of the given problem.

Gi Verhofstadt recognised that the European union can cope it only with support of the USA, Russia and moderate Arabian and Muslim modes of region.