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In the opening day of summit ATES in Shanghai grandiose fireworks

the Sparkling neolearnt flying objects and fiery dragons will be spent will decorate on Saturday the sky of Shanghai. As the correspondent " passes; News " colourful fireworks will be spent in this Chinese megacity in the opening day of summit ATES.

According to organizers of a colourful show, fireworks promise to become biggest for last decade not only in China, but also all over the world. Within 20 minutes fiery rockets will be started from roofs of 23 buildings and 10 courts which will be in the central part of a city on the river Huangpu.

" Fireworks will represent a combination of traditional Chinese and modern western art of pyrotechnics " - Fil Gruchchi, the vice-president of the American company which is the organizer of a fiery feast has told.