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Malaysia intends to get own diving fleet

Military - two new and two second-hand submarines intend to get naval forces of Malaysia. As the correspondent " passes; News " means for these purposes are provided 5 - the summer plan for development of Malaysian Naval Forces.

as the Minister of Defence of the country Nadzhib Tun Razak has noted, after acquisition of submarines Malaysian armed forces will have diving fleet. As he said, second-hand submarines will be used first of all 4 preparation of the personnel and experts of diving fleet, and also as additional force in case of carrying out of sea defensive operations.

the minister has added that the decision on type of submarines and the country where they will be got, is yet accepted. He has noticed that the first groups of Malaysian military experts have already left 4 training to Australia, France, Italy and Pakistan. It is not excluded, what exactly these countries are the basic applicants for sale of the submarines of Malaysia.