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VAZ has divided Moscow

It is said that life, as a zebra, - that black, a light strip. All today`s release the Autoeducational program consists of good news - can be, our life is adjusted?
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Warranty periods for cars of the Volga car factory constantly grow. And, possibly, soon some sellers would start to supply with their lifelong guarantee, if not car factory.

- about any three-year guarantee of speech cannot be! - has declared the chief of the central management of regional deliveries the Autovase Nikolay Raskov. - the Factory gives only an annual guarantee during which it bears responsibility before the buyer of our car. The seller has the right to increase guarantee period, but only not on behalf of factory. But if has promised - let executes. And we will check up. Does not consult - will lose dilerstva!

From - for promises eternal youth for cars sold by some self-appointed dealers VAZ management has been urged to let out the special order with the speaking name - About fastening of territories for the organisation it is service - marketing activity for direct dealers (distributors) .

Any redistribution influence spheres in already developed capital market will not be. In the order are simply named 25 Moscow and 5 dealers situated near Moscow who have at the order the technical centres for carrying out of guarantee repair. If the seller is not included into this list, but is the dealer of VAZ, he is obliged to conclude the contract with any of the named firms. Only in this case it has the right to give a guarantee on behalf of factory. But only annual - it is no more.

last years leading sellers vazovskih cars tried to construct in Moscow and its vicinities some the motor shows to buy from them it was convenient to any Muscovites, and not just those who lives near to their office. But not at each of them there are technical centres. How to be that who buys the car in such salon? Now the seller will be obliged to fix him to the nearest guarantee service irrespective of the fact which that belongs to firm. The main thing that it had the certificate the Autovase on rendering of guarantee services.

the new order urged to beat out soil from - under feet of grey dealers which entice the buyer that cars on 3000 - 5000 roubles sell more cheaply and promise thus also a three-year guarantee. And when business reaches performance of the taken obligations - simply do feet . They have no services, and conclude contracts with the large companies, more often is fictitious. But after a year when term of a free factory guarantee and service comes to an end starts to demand a payment for the done work, - the happy owner of almost new car goes to the seller to clear up a situation, and that already and the trace has caught a cold. It or has changed single letter in the name and asserts that anything to it did not sell, or has simply disappeared.

now, believe on VAZ, such will not be. Naive. Bent for to a freebie is painfully great at our people. It is necessary to any newly made seller to declare 5 years of a guarantee and 15 from through corrosion (neozinced!) Bodies as all to it also will run, without thinking at all of on what islands he will search for the seller in a year.

- a management the Autovase has undertaken a right course in a direction of the civilised market, - the general director of Open Company " considers; Inkom - the Harmony - one of the largest Moscow dealers, Dmitry Kozlovsky. - In the West at sale of the car to the buyer give out the thick book with the list of all authorised technical centres of the stamp where to it will always render also guarantee - at the expense of factory, - and poslegarantijnuju the help. We too should go to it, instead of drive the buyer: ezzhaj to from whom has bought. If our firm is in the guarantee book sold not us of the car, we are obliged it to serve. All the same after all the bill for this work will be paid by factory.

well, it is possible to expect that from such sharings remain in a prize and large dealers of VAZ, and we are motorists.

Here will not refuse to anybody

the Moscow region there are some organisations vested with a rank vazovskogo spetsavtotsentra. There have no right to refuse under repair or warranty service to anybody from owners of the car of the stamp VAZ . It: Eleks the Pole Khimki - VAZ the Northerner - AUTOVAZ Strogino - the Harmony AUTOVAZ Ljublino Zelenograd - the Harmony Balashikha - the Harmony Voskresensk - the Harmony Chekhov - the Harmony Yakhroma - the Harmony .

the traffic police gets rid of greedy assistants

In Moscow suburbs is closed four private PEAKS, and action of the fifth is suspended

Motorists them have taken a dislike at once. As soon as there were first PEAKS - points of tool control then on them complaints fell down. Complained not so much of employees of traffic police, how much on civil experts (if it is possible so to name them) these basically private points. Terry colour requisitions which have reached transcendental heights there have blossomed. And as PEAKS associate at drivers first of all with traffic police, she and was engaged in putting in order.

the organisation, wishing to help the traffic police with carrying out of the state checkup, should conclude the contract with UGIBDD Moscow Region. All PEAKS work on the flat fares established by the governor of Moscow suburbs. For the car for today it is 210 roubles from which the firm manages 75 percent. The PEAK equipment should correspond to many conditions that representatives of traffic police before the contract conclusion check. And then, during its work. However in process of accumulation of complaints from clients and by results of spent checks heads PIKOV are warned about the revealed infringements. To them give out writs with the requirement to eliminate them in certain term. If it does not occur - the contract terminate unilaterally.

such fate has already comprehended Mozhaisk Open Company the Autodoctor krasnogorskoe Open Company TSikat the Shchelkovo Open Company the Leopard and Podolsk Open Company Bismarck . Work balashihinskogo State Unitary Enterprise " is suspended; gos - a transsignal .

the Most typical infringements are requisitions. Gather not only private traders, but also the organisation. There comes, for example, on checkup the car from factory on manufacture of paints, and vodile the expert also speaks: it is necessary For us two butts of a paint. You will not bring - checkup you will not pass .

Among other typical claims - equipment refusals, infringement of technologies, the unsatisfactory maintenance of access roads (a bad road covering, absence of signs and a marking), infringement of a temperature mode indoors, absence of ventilation. But even in the presence of a full package of infringements contract rupture not always proceeds for traffic police without serious consequences. For example, from four named firms two - Mozhaisk and Shchelkovo - have disagreed not only with unilateral opinion of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, but also with a judgement. Now are going to appeal against against it.

however complaints to infringements and requisitions at checkup passage to those areas have stopped, for what to GAI officers of many thanks from legislative automobile owners.