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Tarzan: I at Nikolaev did not beat off the Queen!

Sergey Glushko, the father of the child of Natasha Korolevoj, it striptizer Tarzan, lives one in three-room apartment which it has altered in the huge one-room. Natasha with the child and remained to live in a cottage where before resided with Nikolaevym.

I Come to Sergey in the afternoon, at this time he wakes up.

the door is opened by Apollo. With a naked torso and in new cowards. I greedy devour with the eyes its bicepses, tritsepsy and I understand Natasha Korolevu - what man! Its blond curly hair is dismissed on shoulders, and I since a half-minute guess: krashenye they or not, chemistry or not? My doubts remain without the answer.

on walls of any children`s photo. But Tarzan`s two photos with the Queen...

- tell about itself...

- the childhood has passed, as at all normal children. At the cosmodrome Plesetsk. There is such military camp which is called Peace. My father - the military man. By the way, to the eighth class I was almost the honours pupil. And after the eighth both sports was engaged, and music, and to art school went. Studied in Peter in Military academy of a name Mozhaisk, has then returned to native land, has served to the senior lieutenant, and has decided further that it is necessary to leave. Has collected belongings and has left to Moscow.

- and at once in striptizery?

- Why? I about one year protected something in Malakhovka, and there to me have recommended to become a top - the manager on furniture. As a result I have acted in film on the advertising leaflet. Then worked in Sergey Zvereva`s salon as the international manager. Through any time for a beach to me have suggested to work in a striptease.

- courses of dances passed?

- Is not present. And when at me ask, what you choreographic education, I respond: the Parade-ground . As I the military person.

- but paid to you more than to the military man?

- First to us paid on hundred roubles and any money for a taxi - I did not spend them, waited, when the underground will open. Already then, when I have taken place as Tarzan, to me began to pay more.

- apartment on what money have bought?

- When in a striptease has worked five years.

- and what car at you?

- the Jeep, but not mine. The has broken.

a meeting with the Queen

- As have got acquainted with the Queen?

- We with it went together by tour much.

- she still lived with Nikolaevym?

- Officially - yes, actually - is not present. There is a company against me and against Natasha. And the sense is reduced to that I have seduced her and obrjuhatil. Natasha - a viper, and poor Nikolaev sobs also to the whole world tells about five reasons of the pain. In the people the image of the sufferer was created. And nobody wants to see other party.

- What? What it at most has for a long time other woman - its director Angela Kulakovsky?

is passes bek - a vocal... And on our persons prohodjatsja under the full program. About the reasons why Natasha has left Igor, do not write.

- she said that Igor to it has changed. But she has forgiven change. She has not forgiven, when change has outgrown in treachery. What in it truth?

- In parting with Igor Natalia it is not guilty. People who know Natasha, can confirm that its image does not correspond to its essence. It the house, peace person, instead of the woman of easy virtue whom its some try to present.

- and what for you have made of sorts the whole show, what for so long intrigued round paternity? It called irritation, instead of sympathy...

- Intrigues went from harm. We wanted to inform nothing to anybody. Natasha had a pregnancy difficult period. We have decided not to spend nerves... Will start to torment with questions, to accuse of all capital sins.

- at ceremony of delivery of the award the Ovation in May of last year Nikolaev have fallen to knees before the Queen and asked it to return back...

- Perhaps it was and is serious. But usually on a scene, on public it the competent actor. All aunts are enamoured of it. And in life it another. I did not collect about it data, but heard about it a lot of the negative. Leaving leave... To me such things told about it that hair on end rose.

- but after all in the opinion of many it became a victim?

- Actually he well feels in this role. Songs whining sings. It still needed to draw tear, as at Pero. And it will be super.

- I have believed to this song.

- Yes for God`s sake, I to it do not test hostile feelings. But I want, that all have understood that at that point in time when at us with Natalia any relations have begun, it did not communicate with Nikolaevym a minimum a year. I did not pass to Nikolaev road. I did not beat off at it the Queen. They were by this time another`s people. Natalia led the life. They have dispersed physically and financially. Only there was still a list in the passport. I communicated with the free woman who has been not burdened with bonds of marriage.

and at Nikolaev for today it`s OK. He lives with the woman.

- why Nikolaev and the Queen did not have children?

- Natalia has told that it was not ready.

- 10 years have lived - and is not ready?

- Nikolaev started conversation on this subject, but Natalia refused.

- speak, she of the first to you admitted, what wants from you the child?

- And what bad?

- you were present at sorts?

- Yes.

- it was terrible?

- Not absolutely. I to it went.

- but after all not all men want to be present?

- Also it is not necessary to see all in detail. It is just necessary to be a number. The love to the woman demands presence. But it does not mean that you have gone on childbirth - and the hero, instead of have come - bad. Conversation that I will be in maternity home, went at us from first months of pregnancy.

wedding will be

- Now you are happy?

- Yes.

- Often see the son?

- it is constant. That`s OK - the boy is healthy. Even develops faster, than it is necessary.

- Whom you want it to see?

- That was healthy and was not the moral degenerate.

- you trust Natasha completely its education?

- I too participate in process. Plus of the grandmother - both one, and the second.

- parents want, that you have got married?

- We consider ourselves as the husband and the wife. Have not undersigned officially. Have not gathered in due course and thoughts. We live a civil marriage.

- and will get married?

- I do not know. I the atheist. I not the religious person. Natalia believes more. But we with it about wedding ceremony did not start conversation.

- will baptise the child in Krekshine?

- Yes. There two churches. And from both already sent messengers.

- so when you will have a wedding?

- Month I do not know. But will be.