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In the summer we wait a cheap shish kebab and expensive cars

Summer - time to spend money. Many of us saved them all year, anticipating: here there will come warm days, will buy the car (a bicycle, a skateboard), I will go with a family (children, the boy friend) on the sea (a summer residence, a kitchen garden). Many will go to holiday or on a visit to native by train, someone will simply wave on the nature with friends... How much polegchajut in a summer season our purses? About it is our forecast of the prices.

the Dollar will have a rest, and the euro - will grow up

Choosing a route for foreign rest, the main thing - not to miss with the rate of exchange.

- the dollar will a little grow already to the beginning of summer and will continue to grow on the sly. To the middle of August the dollar will cost, most likely, 31 rouble 50 - 60 copecks, - the chief - the dealer on currency transactions of KB MBO " considers; Orgbank Alexander of QUEENS. - In holiday people on a habit continue to take dollars, even when go to Europe where in many countries in a course only euro and to change for them dollars not always happens simply. Especially if to go to Turkey. In summer months demand for currency will grow, and many exchangers will try to use it, lifting up a course. On the average on 10, it is no more copecks.

in the summer euros will go to growth. Experts consider that 29 - rouble rubikon will be perejden. And still the European currency while slowly becomes stronger on the Russian soil, buy it a little, therefore money changers aspire to break a large sum more from each euro. Be attentive, in different points of a currency exchange the price for euro can differ on rouble - two! The official rate of the European money too can be changeable. Going to holiday, watch not only a weather forecast, but also behind the rate of exchange!

Meat becomes cheaper, tushenka rises in price

- the Food prices have calmed down, and special jumps is not expected, - has assured us the deputy the head of department of computer science and the analysis of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia Konstantin VOSTRUHIN. - In August of last year there was even a general reduction of prices on products - for the first time for many years. I hope, same waits for us and now.

- Bread will fall in price - after all the crop last year was record?

- at all is not present, bread slowly rises in price, approximately with speed of inflation - on 8 - 12 percent a year. The price for sugar will jump up considerably by the autumn when the people will begin mass preparations of jam.

and here the prices for meat, under our forecasts, despite inflation, remain summer former, can even fall a little. People for a winter have missed vegetables - to fruit which force out meat from a diet in the summer. And on a summer residence for a week meat you will not take. Demand falls, together with it and the price.

by the summer, as a rule, in the wholesale markets on 5 - 10 roubles rise in price tushenka. With opening of a summer season, hikes demand for meat and fish canned food grows.

we Pass on kvasnoj patriotism

That soft drinks - for anybody not a secret in the summer rise in price: who would not like to drink in a heat! However this year the rise in prices will be non-uniform.

as experts of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production have declared to us, the price for grain kvass by June in different regions of Russia will jump up to one and a half times. Now the grain drink costs 14 roubles.

however as experts of the ministry fairly admitted, kvasnyh at us not so it is a lot of patriots. The people prefer more and more zabugornye drinks though those and are more expensive. And the prices on different bourgeois koly yes pepsi are stabler. It depends on stability of economy of the countries - manufacturers: The price of components is immutable, the dollar too especially does not skip, means, import firm drinks by the summer will not strongly rise in price. Shops and stalls can wind the trading extra charge.

but beer - as import, and we - will continue approach to our purses: by the summer it becomes especially vivifying. As consider in Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production, in comparison with winter of the price will increase to one and a half times.

Buy sledge in the summer, and the car - in the winter

Cars - the goods not less seasonal, than vegetables. Millions Russian teapots - fans all the winter long hold the iron horses in stalls but rush on them on summer residences - kitchen gardens, on resorts - picnics in the summer. And many by the summer buy it.

that will be with the autoprices in this summer?

In - the first, many car factories already declared rise in prices. Has especially succeeded in it of Autovases. Dealers of this factory assume that for summer of the price on the Zhiguli will grow for 4 percent in addition to those 6 on which they have already risen from the beginning of year.

in - the second, from the main competitors of new domestic cars - second-hand foreign cars - duties at a customs clearance will grow on third. To the full extent this mechanism will earn in the summer, as a result, under forecasts of experts, in July of the price for foreign cars will fly up for 20 percent.

Far you will not leave...

the Prices for gasoline will please in May. Increase is expected, and the next three months it will not be the last. Fuel bigwigs have set to themselves a problem - a maximum - during half a year - year to overtake for the pre-crisis price - 40 cents (or 12 - 13 roubles) for litre. The best time for this purpose - summer: the people go much and far, under any weather conditions and for any money.

- In the fuel market the real deficiency which provokes a rise in prices was formed, - the vice-president of the Moscow fuel association Evgenie ARKUSHA considers. - it is a lot of fuel eat agricultural works, a number of oil refining factories is traditionally closed on preventive maintenance - fuel in the summer, accordingly, is made less. The prices for oil in a foreign market Besides, have grown, therefore it generally drive for export. And in home market shortage is formed, and the price grows.