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To spend Lobanovsky the Huge turn of inhabitants of Kiev and the visitors, decided to pay the last honours to the trainer of a favorite team has come more hundred thousand persons Russian & World News.

, was stretched on hundreds metres. Many of those who and could not make the way on a stadium bowl, simply put bunches of flowers at a front entrance on arena which will carry now the name: Stadium the Dynamo of Valery Lobanovsky .

One of the first its pupils have said goodbye to the late. Both present, and players of champion structure of 1975. Many of football players the Dynamo did not try to constrain some tear at all. Andrey Shevchenko, Oleg Luzhnyj, Sergey Rebrov - most talented of its pupils - dinamovtsev last wave ; owners of the Cup of Cups of 1986, vitse - champions of Europe - 88 Igor Belanov, Alexander Zavarov, Alexey Mihajlichenko; players the Dynamo Won under the direction of Lobanovsky Superkubok Evropy - 75, - Vladimir Troshkin, Evgenie Rudakov, Stefan Reshko - all of them were here, near to the Teacher. Players of the basic structure and what Lobanovsky quite often sent in a double, - all of them were equal now before the Trainer.

to Kiev have arrived also Valery Gazzayev from the Moscow CSKA, Vitaly Shevchenko from a Torpedo Vladimir Muntjan from Vladikavkaz Alanii many other things. Lobanovsky`s long-term assistant in a national team of the USSR Nikita Simonjan hardly constrained tears: you ask, how can quickly find replacement to Lobanovsky? I will respond: the worthy expert on fast of the head coach the Dynamo the management, of course, will find, but the second Lobanovsky will be already never. Such geniuses of the business as Taras of Shevchenko, Alexander Pushkin, Peter Tchaikovsky and Valery Lobanovsky, are born once a century if is not more rare .

With an archival photo of a graduation class 39 - j the Kiev school in hands Valery Vasilevicha Nikolay Chajka`s class teacher has come on a funeral service.

- it was one of the best my pupils, - with a shiver in a voice the old teacher told. - Lobanovsky after all with a silver medal has ended school. I remember, mother all abused it - wanted, that he studied as the engineer. And Valera responded it: Mum, well there will be I the engineer, the good engineer - and what further? In football I can achieve bolshego, truth, mums...

is closer to the termination of ceremony of farewell to the late have arrived on the Dynamo both the president of Ukraine, and members of the government.

in spite of the fact that a funeral service have prolonged almost at two o`clock, to say goodbye to Lobanovsky all interested persons were not in time.

have buried Valery Vasilevicha in a quiet quiet place on Bajkovom a cemetery. Nearby to a tomb of its partner on the Dynamo And a national team of the USSR, the first vice-president of Federation of football of Ukraine Victor Bannikova. From this place in any weather lighting masts over " are clearly visible; Republican details of the bowl of stadium. Stadium on which commands of the master the victories have entered forever Valery Lobanovsky`s name in world history.

P. S. Near to stadium the Dynamo which bears now Valery Lobanovsky`s name, the monument or a bust with an inscription " will be established; to the Teacher... . Besides, football club the Dynamo it has decided to be converted into the mayoralty of Kiev with the petition to rename street Sports into Valery Lobanovsky`s street.

last Border Tatyanas Okunevsky
the most known Has died the Doughnut Soviet Union

On Wednesday the known film actress Tatyana Okunevsky at home has died. Recently Tatyana Kirillovna strongly was ill and practically did not get up. Despite it, it is a lot of and often communicated by phone both with friends and colleagues, and with journalists...

last days near to mother there was her daughter Inga Dmitrievna. At Tatyana Kirillovny the complications connected with a cancer of a liver have begun. According to the daughter, it was difficult to believe that is that usually cheerful and smiling Okunevsky what it have got used to see...

she very much loved a cinema and until recently aspired to act in film. Appreciable work in Alexander Mitty`s film " became its final role small, but; Border. The taiga novel .

Many televiewers have remembered another Okunevsky - frank, proud and modest Renaty Litvinovoj on a documentary film There is no death for me . Shortly before death she has told in one of interview: If I in hands had a magic microphone, I would cry to all Russia: my people, Russian, come round, the nation perishes, cease to steal, kowtow, cease to fill in soul with vodka, to lie, palter, believe in everything, it is sincere, true: without belief the person - anything, bylinka; at you able fingers, talented heads; you wonder, as you can reach all the sharpness; be together, be uniform, and you again become the powerful beautiful nation, you it were, return the most beautiful in the world language; the nation without language any more the nation...

it is more we than it we will not hear...

farewell to the actress will pass on Monday, on May, 20th, with 12. 00 in the Central house of cinematographers. Then burial-service in a temple will take place at the Vagankovsky cemetery. In the same place Tatyana Kirillovna also will be buried.

Tatyana Kirillovna OKUNEVSKY was born on March, 3rd, 1914 in Moscow suburbs. Actor`s activity has begun, when to it 17 years were executed. Michael Romm has invited Okunevsky to act in film in to the Doughnut in a role of the young wife of old manufacturer Karre - Lamadona. Then, under Romm`s offer, it becomes the actress of Realistic theatre. Here the actress has played the best roles in performances Mother Kola Brjunon Traktirshchitsa the Iron stream Othello Gallant soldier Shvejk . In 1937 have arrested the father and the grandmother Okunevsky, and Tatyana as the daughter of the enemy of the people have dismissed from theatre.

on December, 13th, 1948 it is arrested on false charge in change the Native land, espionage and anti-Soviet propaganda. It is banished to Kazakhstan, then in Kargopol. And for a year before Okunevsky the rank of the merited actress of Russia has been appropriated.

Tatyana Kirillovna was on friendly terms with Anna Ahmatovoj, Olga Berggolts. About years of camps has written in the book Tatjanin day . After rehabilitation has acted in film in films Night patrol (with Mark Bernes), a hunting Season and Border. The taiga novel .