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The false bride

Release “ the National novel “ on May, 11th has been devoted the unusual acquaintances which logical continuation is, as usual, wedding. It only seems that all weddings are similar against each other. In standard ceremony of matrimony people are capable to introduce the not dull corrective amendments. About it our today`s stories. The surprising and ridiculous love affairs (it is good with pictures) send to us in edition with a mark “ the National novel “. Authors of the best stories will receive prizes from.

Under a crown - instead of the girlfriend

Cíà÷àëà the groom has thought that parents of the bride play it. “ that is how it has run away? - He could not believe, and has then exclaimed, having become angry: - Call the witness! Let she will tell that occurs! “

the witness to the bride, its close girlfriend, seriously was ill and has asked to take a walk instead of itself on wedding the fellow worker to Alain. The grief - groom Alain saw for the first time and only shoulders shook in reply to its inquiries.

matrimony time has already passed in a registry office... To Nikolay have passed that visitors in a dining room already have gathered and wait for the young. “ I will go, it is visible, wedding will not take place “ - Alena has shy apologised. Suddenly catches up with its car. At the wheel - the groom, and nearby the his sister. “ Sit down, I will bring up “ - speaks. Has placed the girl, and itself turns the car in the opposite direction. “ listen, gain me, play a role of my bride! And that such scandal... The relatives from apart have arrived, inconveniently, will ridicule! “ - has taken aback Alena the offer. Alena was frightened, hands has waved, and Nikolay`s sister too has begun to persuade her: “ Gain! Not in marriage we call you. The registry office was closed. You will simply sit at the head of a table, visitors our strange, do not know you and what will not guess! “

which - as have prevailed upon Alena, have dressed her in a white dress. All wedding it kissed another`s groom under shouts “ Bitterly! “ has exchanged with it the wedding rings prepared for the present bride. And so for an evening into a role has entered that itself has not noticed, how heart is disturbing was hammered from hot kisses.

by the night visitors have started to disperse, and the present bride here was. “ how you could replace me?! “ - it has attacked on Kohl. “ and you could dishonour me before people, here and pay off now, and I marry Alain! “ - the groom has suddenly declared. Also has there and then suggested Alena to undersign seriously - wedding - that they have already played... Alena, without thinking twice, has agreed.

today Kohl and its false bride - high-grade spouses with kiddies. Admit that their love - at first sight.

and the bride If till now elbows bites. It long time pursued not taken place husband, demanded to return to it, explained that then, in the wedding day to test it wanted, but Kohl straight to it responded: “ thy place for ever is taken! “

Wedding on a scene

to Legalize the relations the Ulyanovsk actors of dramatic theatre Vladimir Kustarnikov and Julia Rassolova have solved on a scene.

visitors on theatrical, but quite real wedding has gathered - full auditorium. At first actors tried on on themselves roles of the husband and the wife, playing sketches from various performances, and solemn occurrence of stamps in their passports has then taken place. When the director of Wedding palace has asked: “ a leah you Agree, Vladimir to take as wife Julia? “ - the groom has responded: “ In our craft the more long a pause, the more considerably, but I will not pull: certainly, YES! “

And how at them?

Abroad enamoured very much like to connect each other marriage bonds under unusual circumstances. Englishmen of Kerolajn Hekvud and Justin Bann contacted marriage on wings biplana at height of 300 metres. The groom and the bride communicated with the priest and visitors from the earth on a microphone. Also on a microphone the priest blest them and asked traditional questions.

and inhabitants of Budapest Clara Kaman and Zoltan Kish have arranged wedding in the middle of lake Balaton that in the centre of Hungary: the loving couple rocked in one lodochke, in another - workers of a registry office, leaders “ vodno - wedding procedures “ and in other flat-bottomed boats - visitors and relatives.

wedding by the ship

Tells the reader from Dimitrovgrad Ekaterina Telkanova:

“ My promised passed involuntary service on fleet in boundary parts of Pacific ocean. From a registry office it what for - that has carried me in port. I look, we drive through a checkpoint directly to a gangway. The husband takes me on hands and bears on a gangway upwards aboard the ship, and a gangway very abrupt, to me it is terrible, I shout that I will fall in water. And on a main deck all command led by officers was built. And as soon as we have risen - me has deafened loud triple “ we Congratulate! “.

represent a status 20 - the summer girl that here so met, moreover by the military ship! We were congratulated by the commander of the ship and has invited in cabins - the company where the festive table has been covered. There were congratulations from all structure, gifts and roses. We with the husband remember often our wedding and we want to find all who was then with us. Respond, friends! “

young have become engaged in maternity home

Katya deliberated how to tell favourite about pregnancy. Andrey became suddenly cold with it. “ Me send on half a year in business trip abroad, I, perhaps, will agree, we already rather have each other bothered “ - he has categorically declared to the girl, seeing off her from work. Katya unexpectedly for itself has burst out crying, has thrown to it: “ You have stopped loving me! “ - also has escaped, outdoing, to catch up with a tram.

she has not come to spend him. Has decided that becomes single mother, - to be a burden to the man who any more does not love it, it would not be desirable. It sent it letters. Polite, but without words about love. She read all and put for memory, but itself did not respond, convincing itself that is not necessary to Andrey and he will be pleased hardly with news about the child.

in maternity home Katya have put in good time. Wonderful dreams where it was near to Andrey dreamt it. And understood in the morning: it cannot come true! The old nurse calmed the crying girl. That showed his letters, photos and swore: “ Andrey never learns that it has a son! “

She got ready for childbirth. Having become sad, sat at a window when the door in its chamber has swung open, and as if in the sleep, has appeared favourite with an armful of colours. There was something improbable further. Has entered managing a registry office and has suggested Katya to put on for wedding ceremony - Andrey has stretched it a dress... Katya has pinched itself: a leah a dream it?

It has appeared, that old nurse has written the letter to Andrey and has told that Katya very much loves it and will soon give birth from it to the kid. She also has agreed, that in chamber to Katerine have passed the future daddy and managing a registry office. He is Andrey, being afraid that favourite him will not forgive, has persuaded sluzhitelnitsu Gimeneja to make a happy exception and to paint them directly in maternity home!

Katya gave birth to the son, compressing a cam with a wedding ring on a finger. After an extract Andrey has led it in church to get married. As the main guest to ceremony of the spouse have invited that nurse without who, probably, and would not be this history.