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Letters itself to the addressee a burden...

correspondence on electronic mail - the pleasure accessible yet to so many citizens of Russia and the CIS: computers per capita at us while it is small, especially in countryside. And old kind paper mail tries to survive, raising tariffs for the services. Since May, 15th they are increased in Russia by 14 percent. CHerknut a card now will be more expensive for 30 copecks (the new price - 2 roubles of 45 copecks), non-registered letter sending will manage for 40 copecks more (3,25 rbl.), the certified mail has risen in price for 60 copecks (4,90 rbl.). The price for parcels post - now it more expensively for 70 copecks (new cost - 5,65 rbl.) has most of all flied up . Thanks, of course, that pochtoviki have given the chance to citizens otpozdravljatsja in May under old tariffs. But a leah will be now postman Petchkin (under new tariffs) to twist pedals of the bicycle more quickly?

Air tickets abroad can rise in price
the International airport the Sheremetyevo has entered additional commission gathering from charter air carriers. They will be directed on improvement of quality of service of passengers . New gathering, according to airport calculations, can lead to increase in cost of tickets for passengers on 10 - 20 US dollars.

additional means are necessary, in particular, for maintenance of enough of racks of check in, creation of the mechanism of preliminary check in of passengers on flight that will become thanks to a preliminary direction of data on passengers from travel agencies.
Interfax .