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The Hollywood actors basically - recidivists

And at stars happen dim days. Jack Nicholson simply was in low spirits. And here has still noticed, how behind its car the car with any people was attached, which steels to show on it fingers. Otherwise the universal film favourite would writhe a vinegary smile in the answer. But Jack has jumped out and began to destroy the car of admirers a stick for a golf. The driving Robert Blank has shown then in court that has been wounded by a piece of the broken glass. The cooled down Nicholson has paid to it through the lawyers of 50 thousand dollars and only by that was saved from prison.

dry police reports give out in the Hollywood inhabitants of heaven of the usual people inclined to levity, bad habits, and sometimes - and to frank hooliganism.

but hands - that what for to dismiss?

the Thunder-storm of villains - terrorists Bruce Willis in life has fought with the policeman who was called by neighbours with the complaint to a loud party in the house of the actor. And the copeck left the obvious winner It has helped then to Uillisu to hush up unpleasant business with court.

Robert De Niro has in a fit of temper thrown a beer mug in photographer Joseph Lajtera. Having woken up next morning, it has hastened with guilty in police and has offered the victim of 150 thousand for silence. But Lajter wanted 300. Annoyed lawyer De Niro has recorded the auction. And under court for extortion the photographer has gone.

and here Sean Penn who has squabbled with the press, did not pass a prison cell. Playing the policeman in a film Colours it was thus thrown by stones in reporters besieging a set. Also has twice got. At first to it a distance of one and a half month conditionally. But Penn after that began to rush more. It have photographed on video, and have locked Sean up for the whole 32 days.

film celebrities quite often fly into a rage and from - for excessive media exposure on their girlfriends. Alec Baldwin has struck on a nose of the reporter when that tried to photograph his wife Kim Besindzher and children. Jim Belushi has attacked on the passer-by, having suspected that that has spat the car of its beloved. In both cases they managed to agree with victims about a compensation.

has accepted superfluous, and that then - I do not remember...

Ozzi Osborna have detained in the centre of the Texas city of Alamo. He swung a bottle of cognac and tried to urinate on a lawn. Has been thus dressed in a female dress. Alamo has for ever forbidden the singer to act in its halls.

actor Mikki Rourke have arrested for uproar in a bar of Miami - the Scourge. Arrest has poured out in large fight. Rourke who besides cinema earned also professional boxing, fairly nakostyljal both to drinking companions, and policemen. Nevertheless it have concerned mercifully: him have obliged during half a year free of charge to learn children to boxing.

brilliant drugs

Recently at Robert Douni, one of the most interesting young actors of Hollywood who already was imprisoned twice, again have found cocaine. At Uitni Houston time and again treated for a drug addiction, at examination of things at the airport of Honolulu 15 grammes of marihuana have found out.

small pranks

As a whole extremely positive for show - Billi Dzhoel business too has not avoided arrest. Him have detained... For poaching - illegal catching of perches.

Christian Slejter has been caught at attempt to carry by aboard the plane a pistol the Beretta . Even more nedoumeny has called Hugh Granta`s act which have arrested with the street prostitute in the car. The court has estimated its actions in two years conditionally.

the main hooligan of Hollywood

it is necessary to consider as the Main hooligan of Hollywood Charlie Shina. In 16 years on birthday of mother him have detained for marihuana smoking. In seventeen Charlie selected checks from garbage boxes of magnificent hotel and under numbers of the credit cards specified in them reserved to itself electronics, hours, jewelry. I will send behind them the son - artisticheski it said lies in a tube.

it have followed not only successful roles, but also - drunk hellbenders, troubles with overdose of cocaine, fight and beating of girl-friends. On process concerning suffered from it rukoprikladstva Hejdi Flejss of Tyres admitted that has spent for prostitutes not less than 60 thousand dollars. Now to it only 36 years, and it obviously costs at the crossroads: to continue excellent begun career at cinema or definitively to become famous as the rowdy.