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Tolmy do not wish?

after a new nationality - “ Caucasians “ - has appeared in Moscow and new kitchen - simply Caucasian. Ask any, than differs Armenian tolma from Georgian dolmy, and in the answer - silence. Yes what there to speak, even if culinary specialists - waiters - managers at times do not know, what is this dishes submit at their restaurant. As - that in search of truly Armenian cuisine I wandered on city centre. On Earthen to a shaft has come across on in appearance decent zavedenitse “ the Pink flamingo “ with a signboard: “ Caucasian cuisine, dishes Georgian and Armenian cuisine “. Dialogue with the local manager has taken place lovely enough:

- Tell, and that at you from Armenian cuisine, - a question after long studying of the menu.

- yes all.

- minute, and satsivi?

- And satsivi.

is a Georgian dish.

- the girl, what to you a difference - Georgian - Armenian. I will tell in secret, at all of them it is identical.

I did not begin to eat there. And for the unlucky manager I will tell about several differences: that next time clients did not frighten.

so, all Georgians - vah, so more sharply and more flamingly their kitchen are how much more temperamental. Armenians - the people quieter, therefore and kitchen at them not such sharp. But it does not mean that the fresh. Quantity of spices by which any dish of Armenian cuisine, enormously is filled. Once someone very curious has made which - what calculations and was stunned: more than 300 grasses Armenians for preparation of the dishes use.

each dish of Armenian cuisine prepares with feeling, plainly, arrangement. If becomes hash so for preparation it is spent not less than a day. Meat for other dish - kjufty - beats off on a stone special hammers some hours in succession while it is not becomes similar to whipped cream. And well-known basturma on a broader scale it is ready only days through twenty - twenty five. And so - in all.

shish kebabs (horovats) in Armenian cuisine - juicy. It because there kurdjuchnoe fat is put.

well and, at last, anywhere, except as in Armenian cuisine, there is no such tremendous trout. Grown up in the cleanest lake Sevan, the trout - ishhan by right is called “ the tsar - fish “. Culinary specialists both boil a trout, and fry, both bake, and stuff with sturgeon and a salmon, and on a spit fry, and even in plov put. Vkusnotishcha - fingers you will lick...

in Moscow to insulting it is not enough Armenian restaurants. Good it will be typed at the best from tens, and that it is necessary to run about fairly in searches. Here a little from them.

“ Noev an ark “
the Small Ivanovo lane, d. 9, bodies.: 917 - 07 - 17, 921 - 58 - 85

Undoubtedly, the best restaurant of Armenian cuisine. Not cheap, but money you give with self-respect. This unique place in Moscow, where ALL Armenian. The Armenian vodka, the Armenian mineral water, the Armenian beer, the Armenian wine and, by itself, the Armenian cognacs.

every day in “ Vnukove “ employees of restaurant meet the plane from Yerevan, and there - and a trout ishhan from Sevan, and already beaten off meat for kjufty (the local head cook is assured that meat of cows situated near Moscow for Armenian cuisine is not necessary), and basturma, and the present sweets, and, certainly, seasonings.

a firm dish - a shish kebab “ the Ark Aching “ (a portion on four persons in cost in 1450 rbl.) . It is a motley crew from pork, mutton and veal on a stone. Dish carrying out is similar to circus number: the shish kebab moves on wooden “ an ark “ captured by fire.

Duhan “ SHavo “
Karamyshevsky quay, d. 58, Bodies.: 197 - 19 - 75

Restaurant a class more low, but here too try to hold “ to the stamp “. For the much smaller sum in “ SHavo “ it is possible to regale on the well-known trout ishhan which deliver from Armenia. The trout baked in an oven and submitted with mushrooms, costs 340 roubles.

“ Yerevan “
Street October, d. 5, Bodies.: 288 - 75 - 33

Something super - puper from meal here is not present. The price - an order of 150 roubles for a portion of a shish kebab, and purely east " involves only; a counter “ - all for 100 roubles to you will tell fortunes on a coffee thick.

“ a glade of miracles “
Street Vjatsky, 41

the Address I tear off from heart. One of the most inexpensive, but at the same time qualitative places. Some prices look simply mockery: ljulja from a potato - 20 roubles a portion, a sound portion of a shish kebab from mutton - 80 roubles, appetizers - 25 - 30. One of the most tasty dishes - a shish kebab from sturgeon.

Roksana BABAYAN, the singer, the actress:
- My most favourite dish - tolma. The recipe of its preparation know, probably, all. Young fresh leaves of grapes clear, wash, scald boiled water. Forcemeat from mutton or beef with fig. Forcemeat in parallel prepares is put on inside of sheet and wrapped. A ready half-finished product put in kazan in some layers, add a few waters and extinguish at the closed cover. This traditional scheme. I usually when the hulk, I add still a quince, apples and prunes. But the main secret, certainly, in female understanding and desire to make something tasty.

the Name Main “ a counter “
“ artiko “ 38 - j MKAD km (m. “ JUgo - Western “ “ Yasenevo “) 20 dollars here bake in the Summer bread at you in the present tandyre
“ Bordeaux “ Antropov`s Avenue, d. 22/ 30 15 dollars It is possible to come the big company - the restaurant accepts orders for banquets
“ Legends of Ararat “ the Sevastopol prospectus, d. 56/ 40 30 dollars the Armenian cognac arrives directly with Yerevan konjachnogo factory.
“ the Olympus “ street Hour, d. 11/ 3 30 dollars it is possible to try business - a lunch for 140 rbl.
“ the Fairy tale “ the Companionable lane, d. 1 Shish kebabs prepare 10 dollars on charcoal
“ JAuza “ Rusakovsky quay, d. 1 15 dollars the Hall already on 300 places