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Tsarevna - a frog: (without caviar)

We continue 140 kg together with readers to write annals of records to which obosnovanno we want our loud to give names. Demands to a heading continue to arrive a rough stream. It and is clear, Russia, as it is known, - the native land of much: a miracle - athletes, the greatest in the world of microcircuits, transgene cucumbers and tomatoes. A lot of the interesting occurs and in sister republics CIS. Send us demands with the description of the records (necessarily put a photo, attestations of eyewitnesses are desirable).

the Record of the loader: a marathon distance with a sugar bag
At first Volodja has called in edition and has shy asked, a leah will interest us its achievements. Heard not only has interested, but also has motivated to find out details, to receive proofs. So, it is for certain established: Townsman Sergach - 3 Nizhniy Novgorod region Vladimir Aleksandrovich Shashkarov is capable to overcome marathon distances with good time, moreover bearing on itself mnogopudovyj cargo. It is quite logical that the loader of sugar factory as that used not weights, and bags with sugar.

two years ago at local stadium at the big confluence of public of Volodja has overcome for 2 hours of 17 minutes 14 - a kilometre distance, dragging thus on shoulders 50 - a kilogramme bag with a favourite product. And in the same 2000 already on the Moscow international marathon of the world the classical marathon distance - 42 kilometres of 195 metres has obeyed it. All 5 hours 31 minute of run Shashkarov did not leave with 25 - a kilogramme bag of sugar. SO anybody in the world marathons does not run any more. Vladimir has informed us that is ready to make even more grandiose exploit - to run days without a dream and rest. However, from sugar factory it had to leave. And to you, be you on a place of the director, the loader who is promptly carried away afar with a bag of sugar on shoulders would be pleasant?. Now Volodja works on the railway. There such cross ties and rails...

our inquiry
the Absolute world record of a marathon (42,195 km) is established in 1988 by the citizen of Ethiopia Belajnehom Dinsamo at competitions in the Netherlands. It has overcome this distance for 2 hours of 6 minutes of 59 seconds. However, the Ethiopian ran without sugar, to it it was easier.