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Nest of an eagle owl

the Kind soul - the journalist of the regional newspaper Alexander Brovashov has called me to Moscow: Mihalych, has found a nest of an eagle owl. Come, there is a chance posnimat .

Eagle owls are extended all over the world, but everywhere are rare. And absolutely a rarity - to glance in a nest of a strange bird. Every other day we with the friend were already on the Top Don, at a village of Petropavlovki. Directly after the journey, without having glanced home to Alexander, we go to the cretaceous ravine which has been washed out by vernal floods. Bending down, we go to breakage, we lay down, and in the field-glass on other party promyva I see a nest. On a cretaceous slope it looks a dark stain. But in the field-glass the ambry similar to a mouth of the ancient furnace differs, and in this ambry on a white background is allocated ushastyj a silhouette of a large bird. Shooting from distance more than hundred metres a little that will give. Alexander shows how to bypass top of a ravine and to steal up to a nest on the other hand.

I Creep uzhakom on an odorous young grass and at last through a bristle dry budjakov I see a nest. The bird sits in it sideways, having pricked up bunches of feathers on a head. Just in all shot - an oven mouth . But it is impossible to remove - stirs a paling budjakov. Slowly I rise and I see: storozhkaja the bird from a nest flies and, having slipped downwards on a ravine, disappears in coastal vetlah. After a while the alarm for baby birds forces an eagle owl - mum to fly by over a ravine. Small birds pursue it kobchik and some. Over a nest the owl does a turn, and I see a sun sparkling in feathers of wide wings.

it is necessary to go down to a nest. It is arranged on cretaceous myske and is a little accessible. It now seems to me absolutely inaccessible. To go down to a nest it is necessary on a cretaceous slope. The steepness forces to remember it roofs of Gothic temples. Besides a chalk, rains washed away, polzuch, as sand. And downwards it is terrible to look: The ten-storied house as the box, will go in in a ravine. The risk very big, but also passion to reach to a nest is great. Feet plunge into a chalk, as in ashes. Strengthening each foot in a slope, slowly (climbers were remembered) I fall to a nest. Heart beats, as at a sparrow when I at last reach to a desired place. Trousers, a jacket and even a cap white from a cretaceous dust. To two baby birds nesting, I, probably, seem by a monster. They stare orange eyes, click beaks and move back in depth peshcherki in size with a small doghouse.

Alexander in the field-glass saw one week ago in a nest of three baby birds. Saw, how mother fed them, tearing off from a water rat meat slices. Baby birds were in white down. Now down at them burovato - red. Them now only two. Where the third has got to, small, it is not known.

Owls nasizhivajut a laying from the first egg, and consequently baby birds at them uneven-age. The senior is now inflated with a sphere and, having dismissed fluffy wings, tries to frighten me. Younger hides behind the back of the brother. Quietly (not to stumble!) I put it at nest edge. Unlike bolshego the brother he tries to be compressed, lay down, having extended in a nest, but a beak too threateningly clicks.

depth peshcherki with a nest small - I reach a back wall a hand. Nests actually are not present. Moving, baby birds powerful paws podymajut a whitish dust. At edge peshcherki - feathers ravens. Probably, this morning the father - an eagle owl has brought a bird for a breakfast, and mother, having plucked feathers, put in beaks of gluttonous, quickly growing children slices of fresh meat.

for twenty minutes baby birds get used to me. The senior looks already with curiosity, but a beak all - taki clicks. Mother, apparently, not losing sight of a nest, again is carried by by a shade over a ravine. I know: large these owls sometimes bravely protect a nest. Now, attacking, the owl could overturn me in a ravine, and I feel, how the knee of an intense right foot starts to shake...

uphill to climb up even more difficultly, than to go down. In exhaustion I catch for mahor the grasses, growing at breakage edge, and I do last leap. Sensation - as though has climbed up the Everest. I am blissful stretched on smelling as a wormwood repeat, the dried up lips I suck a bitter tubule of a dandelion, observing in the field-glass of baby birds. They have calmed down - sit in peshcherke the, wearily having ruffled up. Mother again flies over a ravine. But now its anger to me is not terrible, now I can even remove it.

eagle owls build nests in different places - in wood, on broken by a storm mouldering in a core wood trunks, in secluded places of steppe, in canes at water. But most of all these large owls like to nest on rocks, on slopes prirechnyh gullies.

if there is a food, eagle owls long keep the chosen territory and if a nest do not disturb, deduce baby birds in one place, sometimes even is close to human habitation. The presence of a bird give out loud night uhanjami, especially frequent during a wedded time - in the spring.

Large, very beautiful bird call the king of night . In the afternoon the eagle owl hides in any secluded place and is silent podremyvaet. But hardly noise or rustle - instantly shakes a dream. Its eyes extend, over a head bunches of feathers which by mistake accept for ears rise. In the afternoon presence of an eagle owl is given out more often by birds. Having seen hated it a figure, they lift improbable bedlam unpleasant to an eagle owl, and it hurries where - nibud to hide.

owls are quickened by the night, taking off to hunt. Eagle owls can catch woken uhanem a black grouse, a wood-grouse, catch geese, partridges, easily overtake hares, catch rats and do not disdain sunflower seeds - any mice. Hedgehog carelessly rustling in darkness becomes an easy mark of an eagle owl. Powerful, its sharp-clawed paws are not afraid of the prickly reservation. The eagle owl of a cat can nail, its and small owls are afraid.

in a nest the female of an eagle owl begins a laying of eggs in April, on the eve of a high water. In the Ryazan wood I saw a nest of an eagle owl under the pine which has been filled in with water. But a coastal ledge, probably so it was pleasant to birds that they have repeated a laying hardly above a former place.

two - three white eggs of these owls are similar to pool spheres, but it is less than them. A female sitting on a nest, the eagle owl - the father feeds. When with an interval in some days there begin from eggs vylupljatsja baby birds, cares at an eagle owl increases. Fresh gentle meat, and an eagle owl (the hunter successful is required to kids and skilful) carries to a nest extraction in the big surplus. Brem writes about the German peasant whom some years were at eagle owls the dependent - every morning came to take away to a nest the rests of hares, ducks, water chickens, partridges.

and I know a case when the person willingly shared with eagle owls living creatures from a court yard. There was it on Northern Collum, in an economy of my friend ohotoveda Boris Nechaeva. Hares in zajmishchah at the river were bred by it so much that about ten eagle owls kept on small for such number of hunters of territory. One of eagle owls povadilsja to catch at Nechaeva of hens and so has become impudent that already in twilight arrived and sat down on a dry tree at a court yard, looking out for extraction. what you it will not scare away? Shoot for ostrastki . - What for? I can dissolve hens as much as necessary, and eagle owls - a rarity .

the Eagle owl - a bird of exclusive appeal, with an interesting way of life. For a long time people showed interest to eagle owls, growing up them in bondage. The case is described: the forester keeping a fowls in a shed, has heard invocatory shout of an eagle owl from wood and has taken out a bird - the slave from a shed in a court yard. Reliably having adhered it for paws to a log, began to observe. Having heard reciprocal uhane, the savage from wood was in a court yard. Also has taken place engagement . The eagle owl began the girlfriend to carry meal and carried four weeks.

the case when the kid taken from a nest - an eagle owl have not locked in a shed Is known also, and held a cage with it in a court yard. Also what? Parents filinenka at night began to be and fed him. After a while with them the young eagle owl who has grown in a nest has started to fly. And too carried meal.

in bondage eagle owls well breed. But the case described by Bremom when the obstinate female did not admit to itself the boyfriend is known and put neoplodotvorennye. Over sovoju with curiosity have decided to joke. Having taken away its four eggs, instead of them have put eggs of a house duck. The owl diligently has sat out them - but with an astonishment looked at unexpected offspring. And as soon as ducklings have started to move, it has immediately gobbled up them.

I finish and I think: and what there my acquaintances on Don? A leah has frightened an eagle owl visit to their nest? Parents do not throw baby birds, but happens, transfer to a safe place. No, happens nothing. My friend has the day before yesterday called: All is safe. In the field-glass observed: mummy fed baby birds sorochatinoj. They grow up, by leaps and bounds .

boys have ruined four years ago the Nest at which I have visited, having taken away kids, and peshcherka in a cretaceous slope of a ravine till this spring was empty. And here again eagle owls have lodged in it. Something like they this place near Don.