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Zemfira has outdone fate - dinosaurs

Clearly that the enormous hall of sport centre will be hammered under an outset. It is clear that then even a week will discuss, who and as has acted. It is not clear, a leah we will be delighted. Because, judging by statements of organizers of the concert, new “ the Maxidrome “ it will be completely not similar to all former.

who will open festival

By old tradition, “ the Maxidrome “ someone from mastodontov opens, but to public this name do not name. However it is already known that this year will open festival group Total. That is surprising: Marina Chirkunova - the young lady, of course, popular, but in tables of ranks while passes as the soloist very much “ young “ the project.

one more unexpectedness. At festival it is a lot of youth. Will sing “ This night “ “ 7Α “ “ ΜσλόςFθλόμϋ “ and a being by name of Butch.

Also are declared “ Semantic Hallucinations “ “ Night snipers “ “ Dances the Minus “ “ Wails of Vidopljasova “ “ Ocean Elzi “ Najk Borzov. Organizers “ the Maxidrome “ do not exclude possibility of some changes in structure of participants. But assert that it will be changes to the best.

whom on “ the Maxidrome “ there will be no

Perhaps for whom this news it will appear sad, but present “ the Maxidrome “ has excluded from the list of participants of all fate - dinosaurs. Anybody from those whom name “ typical representatives of traditional Russian fate 70 - 80 - h years “ in “ Olympic “ it is not expected. Even group “ CHajF “ become in any measure “ the card “ “ the Maxidrome “ this time too has left.

it is sad, but the youth began to be trampled down at once on corpses. The soloist of group “ ΜσλόςFθλόμϋ “ so has commented on news about absence of old men:

- I too was in due time the admirer of group “ Alisa “ and “ CHajF “. But now it is simply impossible! It seems to me that it already any lawlessness! Regretfully I find out that admirers of these collectives, as a rule - well, I will not tell that street muggers, but of them do not understand many, that they want.

festival headliners

it is Without wasting words clear: public will come to listen mainly to two collectives - “ Mummies the Troll “ both Zemfiru. And Ilya Lagutenko, and Zemfira Ramazanova here did not give more year the big solo performances in Moscow. And - that to collect that was possible them at last on one platform, the big good luck.

what surprises

almost all musicians are expected try to think up something such. For example, Najk Borzov like as is going to pull out for a scene termenvoks. If who does not know, it is such nice tool which play, without touching it with hands. If to me does not change memory while anybody from rokerov did not try to use termenvoks. Borzov, speak, plans not to leave at all to a microphone, and to sit out all performance behind drums.

cost of tickets - from 250 to 900 roubles.

in the VIP - a zone tickets are much more expensive.