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Russia will take a place in the NATO alphabetically

Yesterday visit of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanov to Reykjavic has ended. The main output: are prepared for signing of the agreement on new relations of Russia and the NATO. Still half a year back it seemed to the extremely improbable, but today that these agreements will be signed by Vladimir Putin and presidents of 19 countries of the NATO on May, 28th in Rome at anybody does not remain doubts.

in the Russian delegation an essence of agreements explain so. Till now in relations of the Russian Federation and the NATO there was a format 19+1 that in practice looked more often as 19 against 1 : at session of advice 19 natovtsev arrived with the uniform co-ordinated position, and Moscow simply informed. As a result of problems sufficed. Once Russia even for some months has broken off relations with the NATO - in protest at alliance war in Kosovo.

it is now formed the twenty - Not consultative, but an executive office decisions in which is planned to accept only a consensus. However, while on the limited number of questions - to participation in fight against terrorism, non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction, operations on maintenance of peace, liquidation of consequences of emergency situations and some other. And now theoretically without the consent of Moscow of the NATO cannot participate, say, in war with Iraq or send armies to the same Kosovo. As it will look in practice, yet very much - that is clear. Especially we in every possible way underline that creation the twenty at all is not the veiled introduction of Russia into an alliance - a pier, it is simple cooperation deepening.

instead of 3 co-chairmen as it was at the scheme 19 plus 1 sessions the twenty will conduct now one - the secretary general of the NATO Robertson. Will seat representatives of all countries of the Alliance strictly alphabetically, Russian between the Spaniard and the Portuguese. They will gather once a month, and for daily contacts in Moscow mission of communication of the NATO which will be headed the British general and 4 it zama from the USA, by Germany, Holland and Poland on May, 27th opens. Our generals, in turn, will fix even more cooperation with an alliance in capital of the NATO Bruxelles.
Igor CHERNJAK. (Ours spets. A correspondent) . Reykjavic.

the SIGHT With 6 - go the FLOOR
For the NATO hope, and the CIS do not forget

Disorder of estimations of results of negotiations in Reykjavic the most different - from opinions that the management of our country has handed over to the West everything that could, to reasons about brilliant break of domestic diplomacy in which result we became full members of the western community. And it is quite natural, considering value of the reached arrangements. However the impression that a unique strategic target of Russia is the prompt integration into the Western world, remains rather strong. Meanwhile actually the true, as always, lies in the middle.

we Will remember the presidential message to Federal Meeting. Putin then has told shortly: in foreign policy sphere the priority is given to development of communications with the CIS countries. Certainly, not for the sake of a witty remark.

At all our prompt movement on the West simultaneously there is a serious integration process with Belarus. The major agreements on military cooperation within the limits of the Contract on collective security (DKB), the prisoner between the former Soviet republics are accepted. Including the arrangement on introduction of uniform prices for arms is reached. Joint military doctrines are spent. A leah

it is casual, but simultaneously with negotiations in Reykjavic in Moscow passed meeting of Ministers of Defence of member countries of the Shanghai organisation of cooperation (SHOS) where enter Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, China and Uzbekistan (the delegation of this republic has not arrived to Moscow). The meeting was also a stage of preparation for the summit - a June meeting of country leaders - members SHOS in St.-Petersburg.

If simultaneously to look at processes of change of relations between Russia and the West European community, between Russia and the CIS countries it is necessary to notice that our country gradually builds on perimetre of the borders two arches of stability. One - in the West, the second - in the east. That differently as quite reasonable, in any way you will not name.