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You want love above a roof - poezzhaj in the city of Kamyshin

(the Termination. The beginning in number for May, 16th)

the Love triangle: the private soldier - the medical doctor - the colonel

... Three months I tried not to notice this tell-tale, squeezed out it from within on a drop, and it as though here to me has got into soul, and anything it therefrom will not knock out. Then he to me suddenly comes: the Companion voenvrach, yonder something inside is ill me . Well, I speak, at you, likely, a diarrhoeia? It has reddened, has left. Every other day was: Here, something the shoulder is ill . Began to examine, all bangs, and it bangs. Suddenly he speaks to me: the Companion voenvrach, I want to tell to you that you will be my wife . I have grown dumb with horror, then I shout: the Private soldier, around! Go out, and on a tank shot here do not approach! On a guardroom I will let rot! it has left, and I all have burst out crying, and after have thought: Yes I, likely, still anything!

it is fast to Svetlana the colonel with a bouquet was and has again asked the answer. Here it also has laid out to the notable boyfriend that to madness is enamoured in such - that here the soldier, and if it, the colonel, the person worthy will not prevent it to marry.

Having stifled otorop and having assigned flowers to a couch, the colonel has told: Well, leave, and I pokrepljus! See, it is quiet, as pulse of the dead man! - also has left... In generals. And where to it still was to go?

after at Svetlana laughed and all garrison cried. Yes that the garrison, all city of Kamyshin in 1998 only also discussed this incident! The local female press in detail painted Svetlana`s wedding day with soldier Volodej and admired the magnificent dress of the bride sheathed low by magnificent roses from chicken feathers, painted zelenkoj.

Here I should admit that always with ecstasy I read provincial newspapers which it is frequent where more frankly and even more talently the capital. And if the woman - the journalist writes about female happiness to us, muzhiks, only it is necessary to that to learn. Therefore continuation of our history with pleasure I will concede to colleagues from the newspaper Dialogue .

From a series of sketches MISMATCH :

... Low, fine, with a fine-moulded figure, the big green eyes and it is dark - gold hair, Svetlana on the 33 does not look, though is already and treacherous wrinkles under eyes, both a neck completely not maiden, and a sight such was tired - wise.

... And then mad hurricane the love has rushed into her life... The boy - the soldier was high, broad-shouldered and looked the dark blue eyes - lakes with astonishment and excitingly... When this boy, young and timid, first time has kissed grown wise experience beauty Svetku at her from - under feet as if the earth has left...

- you at me the first and unique, - whispered it Volodja, - and she believed this boy and was happy more than ever. The military unit is as village, news and gossips extend with surprising speed. To light called to the commander, shamed, and to it all the same was, the happiness outweighed all offences... It went to Volode on range, they wandered on steppe and kissed as abnormal... well-wishers have written Volodinoj to mum the letter to Kuban: the dissolute old woman has tempted supposedly your son. But mum at Volodi especial, sensitive. The son at it unique, and she so wanted to it happiness... And commanders of that only Volode did not speak: both old she, and terrible, and will give birth - there is thick, grown fat, and how much round girls netselovannyh, and it... To itself has found...

- Us so judged much and discussed that simply already there are no forces about it to listen, - tell a newly-married couple, - yes, a difference in fifteen years but if we cannot the friend without the friend...

Volodja has seriously decided to adopt Svetlaninyh of children. And though with the senior at them an age difference only 4 years, boys not against.

- Light, instead of you are afraid, what the husband will stop loving you, you after all become more senior, and he matures? - I have asked at last.

- I very much - very much watch myself, - she has smiled. - gymnastics, a cold shower, creams. We still will look at it, who will grow old more likely!

and if in capitals similar sketches seem naive in their remote places water with tears. Therefore as love here in the old manner, with sighs and travails that in capitals it is already lost.

from their love motors glohnut

After wedding happens here that. Svetlana comes to a part once in the morning, and the husband - that is not present... Volodinu a company have sent to the Chechen Republic at night. And Svetlana has rushed after without copeck of money. At station has sold to taxi drivers a gold ring for hundred roubles and train to Volgograd. There with fight has broken on advice to the greatest generals, not under the charter has fallen heavily in feet and has burst in the despair. Generals at first ohreneli, have then shouted: What fool has invented women in army to call!

there will go to the Chechen Republic thy fighter, and a point! yes only one young, but the influential general, the recent colonel, has told that it is not necessary to send this guy to the Chechen Republic for some reasons, conducted only to it, to the general, and Vladimir have wrapped back.

four years has passed. In their two-room flat the third child and when me have acquainted with Svetlana was born, she waited for the fourth. Its Volodja works on all works: the loader, the seller, the driver... Receives to three thousand roubles, but money, clearly, does not suffice.

- we Save, - it explains. - clothes all I sew, on a city on foot I go, in the market I bargain. But, happens, as suddenly will come - it is necessary to see the husband, already forces are not present, - I jump in a taxi for fifty roubles - and to it for work. Where - that in podsobke we embrace it, we kiss... Oh, as I am happy! And for what to me such?! And as there will be I from it all enamoured, inspired so muzhiks on me directly necks turn off, though also the pregnant woman. The car will brake: Hey, devushka, sadys pokatatsa! And Volodja as will jump out of shop: that from my wife is necessary to You?! Izvyny, the brother, at tebja such wife that my car itself ostanavlivaetsa!

Sometimes it so on work with bags will get tired that hardly - hardly to a bed goes. And I look at it and I speak: You what for so exhaust yourself? Guys in thy 22 years still with might and main for maids run . And he speaks: I the one-woman man, and me, except you at anybody and it would not be desirable to look... And when I in hospital died from a malaria, could not rise, it for me, excuse, gigienicheski looked after. I looked at myself in a mirror, all dark blue, swelled... How with me it is not opposite to it? And he at a bed sits at the nights, cries, hands kisses: Only do not die!

... Happened, I will come late at night from the second work, after otmyvki zablevannyh entrances, and he to me has composed the next poem:

I happy such yet was not
And about that I will tell to nobody,
Only in thy eyes as if in the sky,
Hardly I will pensively have a look.
you have called me, as if a song,
For which is not combined words,
We with you will think up them together,
It there will be words about love.

And Svetlana responds it the same lyrics:

Favourite, without you all this world is not lovely,
it is not necessary songs and verses,
Only a sound of thy steps.
what for to me of the sky blue -
Is an eye bottomless depth.
to what of dresses oblachene -
Is thy hands prikosnovene.
Treasures to me to what,
When I will embrace you...
the science too is not necessary... On a place

Family happiness in Kamyshine, as well as everywhere to Russia, the phenomenon rare. By a recognition of girls from the newspaper Dialogue here the impotence, which reason - drunkenness terribly rages. But there is in a city one person the scientist who returns to the worn out muzhiks absolutely former glory and is the best friend of journalists, he/she is the doctor - the urologist able fingers Yury Mavrin. Think, simply, blushing, to deduce an ashamed pen of a word a penis erektsija ? - Write girls in the newspaper. - But only for the sake of your covered with wounds souls, expensive men, undertook we this subject .

Still recently after similar publications edition was besieged in anger by chaste old women, but for the sake of happiness of the fellow countrymen of the girl have stifled shame and have called men on - leninski To be treated! To be treated! To be treated!

at first to the doctor were shy pulled six-ten years`, and nowadays and from teenagers of a release is not present.

- the Impotence has sharply looked younger from - for narcotisms, - the urologist, - therefore I both the expert in narcology, and the psychiatrist in one person explains.

to fools you will not forbid to give birth, and at wise money for that is not present...

already after conversation with the urologist I have outright reflected: one business to help the muzhiks crippled by a socialism, reorganisation, pre-election fights, but a leah it is necessary to return a potentiality to young alcoholics, addicts? Likely, the Nature, depriving of their possibility of a continuation of the family, preserves itself against bad offspring? With this question I also have come to mayor Kamyshina Lvu Aleksandrovichu Alf_rovu.

- Sometimes I would like to cry, - the mayor admitted, - when I see these children in the fallen drunk families. And such has divorced at us more than any critical limit.

and here it has presented me such pictures, from which hair on end.

- And what I can? To forbid them to give birth? I can not! To talk it is useless! Children patients, hungry... We bring to these families food rations, and tomorrow they with this food already in the market. Be my will, I since a birth in children`s homes would send these unfortunate children, there though any food and education... And at present neglect of a question we produce millions embittered potential criminals on the country. Here to you an official paper signed by the regional public prosecutor: for last five years only at us across the Volgograd region it was added more than 114 000 criminals who for the first time have committed crimes! And in the field of 2,5 million population. Well where already further?!

- Lev Aleksandrovich, and what if to these drunk and eternally pregnant women to offer sterilisation for money? That is it voluntary goes on operation and after receives the unlimited sum to itself on sing?

the mayor has attentively looked at me.

- I understand that is inhumane, - I continued, - but differently the country very soon all degrades... Believe, I have driven across Russia so much and have seen enough of drunk and children`s horror, especially across Siberia so much that the similar thought simply should come to to me mind.

- yes, can, it and is more humane, than here so to torment those children syzmalstva? - The mayor has shrugged shoulders. - Perhaps even in it rescue for the country? And on the other hand, it is necessary to encourage childbirth in decent families, - he has offered in turn. - after all the country at us spends huge money for struggle against criminality, with homelessness, other harm, tearing off that money from young experts. That is why the decent youth cannot establish a family. She is a teacher, he is a doctor, receive copecks, on what children to contain? How much at us for this reason of good brides in Kamyshine have sat up in maids... A leah

becomes the city of Kamyshin a smithy of sound children?

- And you, Lev Aleksandrovich, agree to make at yourselves in a city such social experiment on sterilisation of the fallen women? - I have directly asked.

- you know, here it is necessary to look at laws, and to talk to experts, and to discuss this question in a press, - the mayor has responded. - and if the society is for we will go on these measures.

here I with the Lion of Aleksandrovichem absolutely agree and I invite for conversation in our newspaper of all who is not indifferent to this subject.

it is known that the lost woman - the alcoholic and the addict will be ready to do anything to extract money for a potion. Will go and on voluntary sterilisation. But how much it is a correct way of rescue of Russia from mass degradation, I am not ready to comprehend and I wait for reflexions of our readers to continue conversation more deeply and seriously while on pages

After the publication of the first part of this material ( Kamyshin Rustled, maids bent ) in edition journalists from the newspaper " have called; Dialogue . They have strongly taken offence both at heading, and that offer them in the bride, without having asked. We have decided to be corrected and as you have noticed, have changed heading of the today`s publication. Out of respect for kamyshinskim to girls and a love pure feeling. Excuse us, more than the such will not repeat!