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Olga Korbut will be to somersault on a ring

Olja on training - her husband Alexey responds. But not in an academy gym the World class where Korbut works with the Olympic hopes of America, and on a ring with specially invited trainer on boxing. Since Wednesday America lives expectation of one more rare show: on May, 22nd on a ring of popular show Boxing of celebrities arranged with TV channel Fox there is in boxing gloves a legendary gymnast, quadruple Olympic champion Olga Korbut.

Certainly, these sports not absolutely on its profile. But the temptation to appear before mullions-strong audience and to earn for six minutes of 75 thousand dollars it has appeared insuperable. After fluctuations and consultations of experts on image of Korbut has dared at one a loop having told: And why also is not present?

As she expects to finish a duel ahead of schedule. Its competitor - 36 - summer Darva Konger, the bride from TV program Who wants to marry the millionaire undressed then on pages the Playboy - possesses remarkable scandalous glory, but rather fragile constitution.

Korbut by whom past Thursday 47 years were executed, abides in the perfect physical form. And more recently complained to me that there are no gymnastic tournaments for people of its age - it would be ready and to leave now on a scaffold. I have consulted with sports bookmakers: they accept rates eight to one in favour of Korbut.

in the Previous female pair on a ring Fox were Clinton Pola Johns`s exposer and eks - figure skater Tonja Harding. Under gloves sports Tony from the homemaker Floors only feathers flied.

If at Korbut of business will go also, it is not excluded, as its exit on a ring will appear not the last. As its relatives have told to me, it prepares for a future duel exclusively seriously. Blow of Ole is put by the trainer who long time worked with Evanderom Hollifildom too living in Atlanta.