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Without hot water neither tudy and nor sjudy...

the Summer in Moscow is not only the sun and a heat, but also indispensable disconnect in apartment houses of hot water. At the best of us deprive of this pleasure for couple of weeks, and in the worst... It is possible, of course, and to boil further water in huge pans and buckets, to go to wash on visitors or on a broader scale to fade in holiday for a while dirty days. But the most civilised way to help - to buy a household water heater and to declare independence of works of public utilities.

it is necessary to approach to this purchase with all responsibility.

than they differ?

Key difference: water heaters happen electric and gas. But as the last in the conditions of city apartment to use slozhnovato, we basically will consider that work from the electric system.

Electric miracles of water-heating technics, in turn, share on flowing and protochno - memory, which else name boilers.


Pluses of a flowing heater: water becomes hot right after inclusions, and to wash under such crane it is possible as much as long. They are very simple in use and basically are absolutely safe (basically - that is if are bought in good shop, instead of in the market, and belong to the good stamp, instead of are stuck together by unknown East Asian friends).

Minuses: flowing water heaters consume a lot of electric power (from 5 to 12 kw). Though now in the market there were devices capacity only 3,5 kw; by the way, they can be connected to electroconducting on 16 amperes. Practically in all modern houses there is such conducting.

the most notable minus of this economic adaptation: It well heats water only at a stream about three litres of water a minute. And all resource of such device is calculated on processing only two tons of water (or four full baths).


if a flowing water heater capacity of 5 kw and more to include not to special conducting, and to ordinary, it can beat out at the best stoppers on an electroguard, and in the worst - the overheated network cord will be melted off, and there can be a short circuit. If during this moment you stand under a water stream, lethal exod is rather probable;

protochnik needs a water high pressure - not less than 0,33 atm. It is connected by that the heating element is heated to very high temperature and demands a constant channel of cold water for cooling. Therefore on input PV necessarily there should be the gauge of pressure which is automatically disconnecting the device in case of decrease of a pressure or overlapping of water. If such gauge is not present, and the user will include it in a network waterless the heating element will burn down for few seconds;

water stream adjustment should be necessarily located on an input in a flowing water heater. If it costs on a water exit, there can be a case rupture;

the flowing water heater necessarily should be completed with a target nozzle (shower or kitchen). It regulates water stream, and without it water practically does not heat up.

how to choose protochnik ?

1. At first choose suitable capacity and correlate it with possibilities of your conducting. Keep in mind that the flowing water heater capacity to 3,5 kw suits only summer use.

2. If you want to establish a heater also on a summer residence, pick up the complete set with special country nozzles. Into it enter in addition short hose for connection to cold water and the gate.

Morzhevat longer three weeks it is forbidden!

the Governmental order of Moscow 142 from 24. 02. 98 About calculations for housing services and heating says: Hot water supply should function within 344 calendar days in a year . So to cut down hot water kommunalshchiki have the right not longer, than for 21 day. Tenants are obliged to warn about the future a water cold snap : as have informed us in Management housing - municipal services of the government of Moscow, the announcement on an entrance should appear a minimum one days prior to disconnect.

If in three weeks water in the crane will not become warmer, you have the right to demand decrease in a payment for poor-quality service in hot water supply. To refer thus follows on the Procedure of payments of the size of decrease to the population of a payment for housing and utilities at infringement of standard terms and qualities of their maintenance (it is confirmed by the decision of the Moscow government 142 from 24. 02. 98). According to this document, a payment for hot water supply is not raised for all period of absence of hot water, except planned disconnect on carrying out is repair - preventive works (21 day).

Under specifications, water admits hot if its temperature makes not less than +50 degrees. For infringement of standard temperature of hot water the payment also decreases: for each 5 degrees for the period, when temperature of hot water below the established parametres. Keep in mind: Fall of temperature of hot water is more than on 30 degrees from norm it is considered absence of service in hot water supply. A leah

five naive questions on water heaters
It is possible to drink water from a heater?

It depends on that, dry or wet the heating element is inside. If dry (that is placed in tubochku - a casing) it is possible. A leah

Can beat a flowing water heater a current?

Made it is not known whom and bought it is not known where - can. Such happens quite often. The qualitative device established precisely under the instruction, is absolutely safe.

how much is such miracle of technics?

As a rule, 70 dollars are not cheaper. Though in underground transition personally to me tried as - that vtjuhat a creaking plastic box with hoses from domestic developers of space electronics In total for three hundred roubles.

that should guard in work just established protochnika ?

In - the first, heating of an electric cord. Do not suit either a network, or a cord. Show the device to the electrician, it will understand. In - the second if in the course of washing temperature of warm water that raises goes down without pressure change. It is very bad, try to return the device on a guarantee. A leah

it is possible to allow for the child to use a flowing heater independently?

There are devices (as a rule, they are let out by good European firms) which work completely in an automatic mode. That is at crane opening protochnik joins itself. Perhaps, it at all will not complicate the child.

to buy a water heater it is possible practically in any household shop. If only not in the market, where quality of devices usually not at height.


Who for what responds?

* for giving of hot water Management toplivno - a power economy responds: 925 - 83 - 89.

* For giving of cold water the organisation " responds; Mosvodokanal : 261 - 62 - 70.