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Be happy, Kostja!

Readers remember Masha Kvan`s history, the brave girl from Novosibirsk, driven a board with the photo before the house of the beloved who has rejected it (from February, 6th and on April, 13th). We told and how noble businessman Kostja from Rostov-on-Don has ventured to invite Masha to myself, has rented for it apartment, fattened the Siberian a strawberry and grapes, carried to get warm on a week to the sea.

... From Rostov Masha has returned with shining eyes. Has thrown out to me on a table lots of photos - here the cottage which Kostja has removed for it at the Black Sea coast, here Masha at the wheel Kostinoj of the car, one more shot - our brave heroine bathes in the sea (anybody in the beginning of May to climb in cold water has not risked).

- I thought that to me the forgotten feeling of flight will not return any more for a long time. I am happy! Kostja has returned me to life! - Masha exulted. - now main is a feeling not to lose.

For the Bone Masha has written the letter which we publish from its permission.

Masha - Koste:

Hi, the brother! You named me the little sister, and I am very grateful to you - for delicacy and accuracy from which you left a situation, for you very uneasy. Yes, you have read a note in the newspaper and have suddenly wanted to help to get out of crisis to the unfamiliar girl. Though to you spoke: In Rostov many the thrown women, what for you help the Siberian?! - you have not changed the mind. You knew that near to us there will be journalists and any part of thy life necessarily will appear on a kind at all country, but even it has not stopped you. I flied to Rostov and puzzled: what for it to you? Perhaps, you are lonely, as well as I?

but it has appeared, in thy life there is a woman. Having read a note about our meeting at the airport, it did not begin to be jealous in vain, and has told that is proud of you that thy noble act is a sign of the real man. You know, I with it completely agree. She understands you - means, loves.

forgive me for state of emergency with which I suited casually when in the apartment removed for me in Novocherkassk the geyser suddenly has blown up. In Novosibirsk there are no such units - at us nobody heats water gas! I there have incorrectly twirled something, and it as rvanet - master`s ware into smithereens. I thought, you now will become angry, and you have rushed to me: Was frightened, the little sister? now I understand: having invited me to itself, you after all too terribly risked - suddenly with me something happens. Therefore did not release from itself for a minute. I understood all, therefore obediently was at home, when you were on work. And then you have taken vacation for a week, and we have gone on the sea. Went on coast, collected stones, talked about all on light...

so one man cared of me - Andrey only. But you did not apply for its place in my heart. Now all ask me: what for to Konstantin was to spend for you so much sincere forces? I respond: we as - that have felt at once that as the man and the woman each other we do not approach, I not thy half, you - not mine. But why all consider, what the emotional bond between the man and the woman is impossible without affinity corporal? We - that with you know now that it not so. You even have forbidden to publish a photo where has for fun put to me small horns from branches. I Am afraid, us will misunderstand, and after all to us still Andrey to return! - you have told in the Rostov edition and I was so to you is grateful for it to us ...

Yes, I am loyal to Andrey - other variant while cannot be. Souls have coincided with you at us - but also it much only. You have helped me to survive - I hope, as to you became hardly - hardly easier. Probably, it is unique sense of our meeting.

be happy, Kostja! A dagger which you to me have presented, I do not remove - it really heats me as you and spoke .

the board before Andrey`s house has disappeared
For that time that Masha has spent in Rostov-on-Don, in Novosibirsk the poster with its photo has disappeared. That it was carried away by unknown elements, is excluded: it has been made on conscience, after all the girl herself reserved all designs and even itself established them before the house of the favourite. And nobody saw, how the board has disappeared. Evil tongues assert that it was dug out by Andrey together with friends on subbotnike, devoted to a city accomplishment. There were only holes on a roadside.

Kostja about Masha:
- the Main thing that Masha has come back home in good mood, has become cheerful, and she already so does not rave Andrey. She to me admitted it. We have agreed to correspond and more we will meet. Perhaps I will wave to it to Novosibirsk, the invitation I have already received.