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Alexander Mostovoj: we Believe in fidelity of fans. And we for Russia will stand

the Roadway - one of few Russian football players about whom it is frequent and with pleasure writes foreign, first of all, of course, the Spanish press. Their northern colleagues, Frenchmen, also have not ignored this player before and after a sign meeting for Russia with operating champions of Europe and the world in April in Sen - Deni. Paid attention first of all to skirmish of Russian with native land substitutes the Marseillaise Zidanom and To.

- On termination of last companionable game with Frenchmen the doctor of our national team has told that the Roadway has received strong blow under dyh...

- a commonplace.

- but your colleague on to a Selta Karpin, according to the local press, behaved defiantly, and all Russian players echoed it.

- Houses all want to win, and when the zero drawn game turns out, it is insulting.

- About what after a match you spoke with the goalkeeper of world champions Bartezom?

- I to it have told: What you so were got?! and he has responded approximately in that spirit that it you, Russian, were got, instead of we. That is any conversation, actually, also it has not turned out.

- you - one of key players of a national team. A leah you can tell, what the command which has left without special success number with Ireland and Estonia, and collective which leaves on June, 5th on fight with Tunis, are two big differences?

- Speech about reached result or about quality of game?

- about that and about other.

- the Structure can coincide that you already saw. And game, I think, there will be another. Certainly, at level of a national team nobody would like to lose even companionable matches, especially to commands which on level, to put it mildly, are not stronger than you. But, on the other hand, I consider that it is possible to act fine somehow in companionable meetings, and will leave on official game - and all. Has there and then merged - and greetings. And on the contrary.

- that is even on tournament of four in Moscow the Russian fans yet will not see the present game of the national team of which it is capable?

- I Can tell that for those 15 or 17 days which will pass after that the Moscow tournament, can happen everything with everybody.

- and you will begin to protect forces, nerves, to leave from collisions - in general, such harmless not hazardous show played on four?

- all who goes to Japan and Korea now Will be protected. But people who leave in these national teams in Moscow, probably, think a head as to conduct. You want you do not want - thoughts on the World championship at all sit in a head.

- And you all the same hope what our fan will come on tribunes to look at football players who will run accurately across the field, avoiding collisions?

- On fidelity of fans always you count. In Russia especially.

- Japan does not frighten the remoteness and fragile the time zones, unlike on habitual way of life, the relation of people?

- it is far, of course, and acclimatisation is necessary. But it is exact in the same position will appear and almost all other commands.

- in thy career there were games in territory of Japan?

- Yes, for a long time, companionable matches as a part of Moscow Spartaka .

- By the way, you watch that occurs in the Russian championship, and, in particular, behind that chaos into which will cast thy former club Spartak ?

- I Watch, of course, and there is a regret of that occurs with is red - white. But, if to look on the other hand, try to become for 10 seasons of 9 times champions. Would like to see any other Russian team which would play such level, and it would not have recessions.

- that is anything deadly?

- Yes no trouble, and furthermore deadly.

- there is an offence for the former club, one of few Russian teams which know in football Europe?

- I believe that all the same in Spartake all is normalised.

- you see in Russia other trainer who could head now instead of Romantseva champions?

- To tell the truth, I do not imagine.

- and in a national team?

- the Same.

- in connection with missing a Selta In League of champions thy financial well-being this year will not be strengthened any more?

- In financial sense this season for me is not worse and it is not better former.

- you will have time to arrange to yourself at least short vacation after end of superiority of Spain?

- What vacation! We sit down on gathering - and everything, to the World championship. I doubt even that I will have time to meet friends - acquaintances.

- as itself you estimate own readiness, the sports form?

- Much depends on a morale. After failure in internal superiority, of course, it is not especially joyful on a shower, but it will pass. The physical weariness - it is, but not the main thing it...

- two weeks to the main football feast chetyrehletija is much or a little?

- the answer is in a question is both much, and it is not enough. Everyone solves.

BRIDGE Alexander Vladimirovich, the football player, the halfback of club a Selta (Spain) and Russian national team.

Was born on August, 22nd, 1968 in settlement Ostankinsky Moscow Region. Growth - 179 centimetres, weight - 74 kgs. Supported clubs: Red Presnya (Moscow), Spartak (Moscow), the Benfika (Portugal), Caen (France), Strasbur (France). The champion and the silver prize-winner of superiority of the USSR, the winner of the youth European championship, the owner of the Cup of Portugal, the finalist of the Cup of Spain.

the Action of week

the Management of our country has decided to pull out distressful Russian fans from tenacious hands of speculators, vparivajushchih to people before handicraft work matches football attributes. Before a yesterday`s match of ours with Byelorussians at the initiative of the assistant to the President of Russia Sergey Yastrzhembsky at stadium the Dynamo free distribution of production necessary for everyone fan has been organised. Thousand tags, scarfs, caps, pipes and stickers have got to the tired out hands of fans for cars with Russian trikolorom and also leaflets with the National anthem text. This action it is planned to repeat and on a tomorrow`s match of our national team. By advice the similar patriotic equipment will provide also groups of the fans going after our national team to Japan.

tactlessness of week

the British diplomats have extended in Japan the instruction for local population to a case of a meeting with English fans. Owners of cafe are recommended to greet hooligans words the National team of Britain - the great command! and posters Here wait for you, about admirers of English football! . The ceremonial of a kissing of sandals of the English moron why - that is not included by composers in the instruction...

a failure of week

By the way, the World championship has already begun. It passes in prison of the Thai capital of Bangkok where wind term more than 6 thousand swindlers from 50 countries of the world. Purely concrete dispute for an exact copy of a World Cup - 2002 is conducted by national teams of Nigeria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the USA and Thailand. Only Russia again shines nothing. The curator Russian shpany the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Gryzlov can be happy: ours bratki because of small number could not collect the command. We will hope, it will be a unique failure of Russian national team on laying ahead CHM - 2002.

Psychotherapy of week

the Football association of England has prepared a package from 400 songs, books and films which will help a national team of Foggy Albion to be adjusted on victory in the championship. Among the masterpieces of world art offered football players favourite melodies of the trainer of a national team of the Swede of the Ericsson, and also a song of spouse Bekhema Victoria, the former soloist of group the Spice of Gerlz . Speak, the Russian fans bear impudent plans of audiodiversion: to throw to Englishmen a single of our singer and football player Max Buznikina Alina - my destiny half! .

Oleg Romantsev:

we do not have football players ekstra - a class. But I hope on young

About Tournament of four

- I do not agree with some experts and players. It is assured that, strumming structure, working over preparation, it is impossible to forget about result. Leah I will be surprised, what us will abuse in case of defeat? No! Also will correctly abuse. But all the same, I hope, for this purpose we will not give an occasion. On defeats it is impossible to create the good command.

About a dope

- In the championship will be seriously strengthened antidopingovye programs, and it is a problem. We trust our children, but the list of the forbidden preparations is so wide, what even doctors do not know it completely. We have called group of experts which take analyses from players in the Pine forest and through two - three days will inform results. We will tell, Nigmatullin when catches a cold, uses drops in a nose: and suddenly there there are forbidden preparations?

about structure

- We have called 27 persons, from them four will go home, the others will go to Japan. Certainly, we will look on positions. Remain 7 - 8 defenders, three goalkeepers, four attacking, the others - halfbacks. Probably, we have called mnogovato players, but in Russia there are no football players ekstra - a class which will get to the demand always, it is necessary to choose from the others. And more I hope for youth.

but business also is limited to this list - we will choose only from them. We have decided to look and Denis Laktionova (the player Korean Samsunga . - the Comment red.) . About it well write, and then it is closer a sign with the Asian football. He can play any extreme hava - both on the right, and at the left.

About rivals

- Japanese have lost Norway 0:3? Yes, but it has not affected my valid relation to this command. Simply commands before the World championship either increase, or reduce loadings, experiment. Many now play unsuccessfully. And Belgians, by the way, not an exception. But we on - former concern rivals validly, after all their true force can be seen only in group matches of the World championship.

about favourites

- Frenchmen can confirm the Rank of world champions, Argentineans can return this title to themselves. Brazil never aims at a place below the first... For these commands experience and traditions.

in the freshest rating of national teams FIFA of a team - participant of the World championship have settled down in a following order:
1. France - 802 points
2. Brazil - 784
2. Argentina - 784
5. Portugal - 726
6. Italy - 717
7. Mexico - 716
8. Spain - 713
11. Germany - 695
12. England - 694
13. The USA - 690
15. Ireland - 674
17. Cameroon - 672
18. Paraguay - 671
19. Sweden - 665
20. Denmark - 657
21. Croatia - 655
22. Turkey - 654
23. Belgium - 653
24. Uruguay - 652
25. Slovenia - 649
27. Russia - 644
28. Nigeria - 644
29. Kosta - Rika - 643
30. Tunis - 635
32. Japan - 634
34. Saudi Arabia - 627
35. Ecuador - 624
37. The republic of South Africa - 623
38. Poland - 615
40. Korea - 603
42. Senegal - 599
50. China - 566