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The football player till a dawn sang to us this song

After one week ago we have published the reporting on abiding of the correspondent on a visit at suddenly started singing football player Maxim Buznikina, readers it is literally zaterrorizirovali edition by calls and letters. And has excited all not so much new role of the forward the Locomotive and Russian national team, how much the information that on Max debut disk there will be a song with the unambiguous name Alina devoted, certainly, to the well-known our gymnast Alina Kabaevoj.

When there is a disk? How to listen? A leah it is impossible to print at least kupletik? - asked us in letters. Well, to the reader, as well as legendary huntsman Kuzmichu, it is impossible to refuse. We respond: the disk leaves in the twentieth of July, but to listen in advance become by a superhit Alina it is possible already now and only in one place - on the Internet - a site here. (4. 23Mb, format MP3)

That before the publication kupletika we have decided not to waste time on trifles and publish on our pages the full text Alinas . And that our readers have not thought suddenly as if between Kabaevoj and Max on - former proceed shury - messes, we print the text of one more future smash hit - songs Two hearts which Maxim has executed a duet with the loved Natasha.


You have come as clear light as a star in a haze,
Dispersing flights of clouds on continent.
I so long searched for you, heard thy voice
And, having seen for the first time, have lost rest!

a refrain:

Alina, Alina, Alina - my dream half!
Alina, Alina, Alina - my destiny half!

the wind draws in clouds of a song motive idle time
I so I want to tell to you: do not leave, stop!

How much the eye on light is,
how much perfect hands,
Only you at me one,
as a vicious circle!

Two hearts

the world has suddenly broken Into splinters of days,
Close two people again separating.
manage to save that fire that veins
In our two hearts, in an icy cold warming.

a refrain:

Two hearts, my and thy,
Two hearts will merge in one,
Knock on us both at night, and in the afternoon
Two hearts...
two hearts let will flash fire,
Two hearts, thy and my,
Flare both at night and in the afternoon
Two hearts...

to the south cranes were pulled in a way,
Again the destiny to the sky trusting.
I ask you: You do not forget,
As tenderness flared in us, without burning down!

a refrain.

everything, than lived we, in heart save,
Many long days having spent in separation.
we as cranes, to the house we will arrive.
there Will be in night again our hands.