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Insurgents promise to shoot tomorrow crew of Mi - 24

Heir Hattaba Abu - Valid declared intention to shoot this Sunday crew fallen (or lined) in the Chechen mounts on February, 3rd helicopter Mi - 24 if federal command does not execute conditions about their exchange. Insurgents demand to release 10 arrested Chechens “ for the information on the helicopter “ and more 10 - “ for data on crew “. As that proof that Valid and its improvised have such information, still two months ago on site Kavkaz. org photos of identification cards, and also numbers of counters of crewmen (" have been presented; in detail told about it).

As it became known, representatives of the Federal frontier service (this department posessed the helicopter) and FSB in this time contacted time and again entrusted Valida in territory of the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia, but any new proofs of that the crew is live, have not received. Employees FPS and FSB believe that Chechens bluff. Despite repeated requests, they and have not managed to present the video record confirming that pilots are well and are in a captivity. That to certificates and counters, most likely, them have found on a  destruction place “ revolving objects “. There is a question: what for Validu these false games in " are necessary; an exchange “ and “ execution “? Our military men consider that it is the typical propaganda trick of insurgents calculated on creating at Russians an image “ brutal and helpless commanders “ not capable to rescue from death of the podchinenyh.