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For proguly daughters the Englishwoman have planted for 2 months

the English education system always differed severity. However, not the same degree - the court of the city of Banberi has sentenced 43 - the summer Patricia Amos who has allowed two daughters to pass school employment, to 60 days of prison.

earlier the problem progulov pupils dared in a private order: the teacher called parents in school and asked to affect careless children. According to law recently accepted in England, the parents covering children - shirkers, should be strictly punished. Them as the real criminals, can sentence to three months of imprisonment or at the best to the penalty at a rate of 3 thousand 600 dollars.

as the director of a social service of Banberi confirms the Plenty Smith, all attempts to convince Patricia Amos to check the daughters have appeared are vain. Therefore also it has been decided to resort to an extreme measure and to send it for two months for a lattice. That another nepovadno was.

it is interesting, and how the court begins to punish parents of poor pupils? Will deprive of pocket money or will send for a lattice for life?.