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Poor in Moscow to be favourably

Recently at session of the government of Russia at last the basic directions of reforming housing - country municipal services were defined. Across all Russia the new scheme will start to operate since 2003. As proving ground for obkatki new model zhilkomhoza Moscow is chosen.

- why the choice of range for carrying out zhilkomreformy has fallen on the Russian capital? Perhaps at us too many well-founded flat-owners?

- Not this main thing. Positions of the Ministry of Economics and Moscow on carrying out of reform of housing and communal services have appeared in many respects are similar. We long discussed this problem. As a result the minister of economic development Herman Gref and our mayor Yury Luzhkov have come to a conclusion that it is possible to test those ideas which have been sounded at session of the government of Russia on Moscow. The reform problem - that payment by the population of utilities has come nearer to hundred percent. And the most important task - to protect needy people. To make so that they have not felt burdens of absolute payment.

- townspeople with modest incomes hardly will be pleased with such experiment.

- Judge. Now the share of expenses of Muscovites for utilities in a month makes 42,4 percent from planned cost, or 9,22 roubles for square metre. The rest pays extra the budget in the form of grants housing - to the operational organisations. Certainly, if we gradually start to pass on 80 and further 100 percent of payment, the number of the families will increase, wishing to receive a grant. Under our forecasts, their quantity in comparison with the present will increase twice. By estimation, behind grants will be converted from 30 to 50 percent of the population. Now grants receive those families in which maximum permissible level of expenses on payment of utilities exceeds 13 percent from the cumulative income. We will strengthen social protection. Probably, even we will lower percent on grant reception, most likely, it will change for different groups of the population. Conditionally speaking, a plug from 8 to 12 percent on level of incomes. For example, pensioners will pay no more than 8 percent from the cumulative income. I assure, needy Muscovites should not pay more than they spend now. It is not necessary to create an unnecessary agiotage round reform, especially to warm up negative attitude. Municipal officials - too townsmen also get not such big wages. Perhaps and to us the grant is required.

inhabitants of Zelenograd became experimental

- Experiment will begin at once across all Moscow? How long it will last?

- In the beginning we plan to make experiment in Zelenograd as here already there is an automated system of uniform financial settlements centres of housing grants. During the fourth quarter of this year we will trace results of reforming. If all turns out, as is conceived, then since January, 1st, 2002 experiment will extend for two prefectures of a city. We while discuss, which. Possibly, the first half of the year 2002 we will attentively observe of an experiment course, and then we will pass to its definitive variant. The scheme of transfer of all municipal economy on new model while is studied. Those who has possibility to pay completely, will pay, and who is not capable - will receive a grant. For now at us the principle uravnilovki operates: both rich, and poor receive grants from the state. I consider, it is wrong.

- and how will calculate the rich?

- We while calculate not rich, but poor. Those for whom grants can be necessary. At us at grant reception operates zajavitelnyj a principle, we do not consider incomes of Muscovites. If the person wants to receive the help from the state, he comes and declares the incomes. If it does not do it, means, does without assistance. We have no right to publish someone`s incomes, this personal right of each citizen.

- that will be with those who will refuse to pay completely for utilities?

- Time has not paid, then again has not paid, means, the defaulter. Under the law, the claim to court on the such we will submit with statement of a question on compulsory payment. With malicious defaulters we will struggle strictly, up to eviction from apartment.

rich 22 roubles will pay for metre

- How to survive to legislative citizens?

- We will open the personal personal account on each person receiving a grant. By the way, it and now becomes that it was possible to define, how much the person himself pays and how much it receives grants. Proceeding from these sums payment for utilities will pay off. Now townspeople in a month pay for one square metre of habitation of 9 roubles of 22 copecks, and actually it costs about 22 roubles without major repairs. We plan to save at the first stage of reform this price in 22 roubles, and capital repairs - about five - seven roubles - dotirovat from the budget housing - to the operational organisations. At whom payment turns out more than certain level of incomes, we grant a grant. For needy people the scheme will look so: the grant - a grant - payment of utilities. For the provided Muscovites - the grant and payment. 22 roubles for square metre of habitation also will be put in experiment.

- for example, how much it is necessary to lay out money for a communal flat to the owner of a hundred-metre mansion?

- At absolute payment apartment in hundred square metres at the price 22 roubles for metre will manage to its owner in 2200 roubles a month. If this sum exceeds present 13 percent of the cumulative income of a family, let us assume, 2200 roubles have made 16 percent of the family income, then superfluous three percent for you will be paid by the state. System extremely simple. Another matter, wants to pay nobody more. Henceforth of 57,6 percent the city will put the in a grant, the same volume of money for municipal economy turns out. Only sources different.

- for certain the people will rush to search for supports at the state. A leah will become simpler an order of delivery of grants?

- I Admit, now the system of charge of grants is unduly complicated. The mayor puts a problem as much as possible to simplify this mechanism. We should make the system simple and at the same time economically proved for the state. However such will not be, that has come also to you at once have handed over money. We want to relieve people of bureaucracy, excessive official registration of papers.

- It seems that soon known Soviet slogan The economy should be economical again will find an urgency. Muscovites will protect each drop of water less to pay.

- I consider, when the person pays for a thing so much, how much it really costs, the relation to this thing at once changes. We have got used to burn down light and gas, to spend water, without reflecting on the present price of these conveniences. The cost price of utilities is high, and it is necessary to accustom people to this thought. Then the economy of power resources, waters, heat will be not in words, and in practice. Consumption of hot water, an electricity at us absolutely wild. Unfortunately, we are not accustomed by all our antecedents to save. The municipal economy should become self-supporting then there will be present market relations. Housing - municipal reform is one of economic reform components. Undoubtedly, if it to tighten for many long years and to continue dotirovat from the budget, on - former to render services for nothing, all it will go it is not good affairs.

746 thousand 363 persons do not pay for utilities in capital.
600 thousand persons receive housing grants from the state on payment communal flats .
140 roubles are made by the average size of a grant a month.
3,2 million person use in capital privileges for payment housing - utilities.