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Since 20 numbers from May, 11th, 2009, in the log-book « └Ô˛ţ÷ňݲ­ » there is a subscription dummy with the proposal to be signed on the log-book from 50 % by a discount. You save, if are signed on the log-book with mail delivery in any separation « Ëŕ­´ţ¸˛ű » or in edition « └Ô˛ţ÷ňݲ­Ó » to the address: Kiev, street Degtjarevsky, 52. The price of a monthly subscription – 17,97 grn.

it is possible to Subscribe since any month. The price till the end of the year does not change. On a site the subscription is received with courier delivery and there are 33,40 grn./months