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Murderers of the Chinese diplomat will judge in Kirghizia

Bishkek will not give out to China murderers of citizens of the Peoples Republic of China. It was declared by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic Bakirdin Subanbekov.

Under laws of Kirghizia the court should take place in republic as here there was a crime - the minister has told.

we will remind, the consul of the Peoples Republic of China in Bishkek Van Tszjanpin and its assistant, the Chinese citizen and native Sintszjan - Uigur independent area of China Nurmuhamed Umar have been shot past Saturday in the centre of Bishkek.

minister Subanbekov has informed that on the night of Thursday in suburb c two murders of the diplomat suspected of fulfilment are detained. The TT pistol from which the crime has been committed, and is withdrawn from them pomegranate F - 1, in particular.

One of suspected Jakub Erkin 1975 year of birth - the native of China, on a nationality the Uigur, a member of the Uigur separative organisation Free Turkestan . Erkina have a passport of the citizen of Kirghizia in this connection investigation is now made.

the second arrested person Abdulali Emil has the Turkish passport addressed to Mustafa the Penalty. In China Emil has been sentenced to a supreme penalty for murder, but ran from the country, has had training preparation in camps of insurgents in Afghanistan and the Chechen Republic, and it has arrived to Bishkek in February of this year from Alma - Aty.

the Minister has noticed that murder of the consul of the Peoples Republic of China did not carry political character as murderers intended to eliminate only the Chinese businessman Umara.

In these shootouts the Chinese diplomat has appeared a casual victim - minister Subanbekov has told.